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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
November 26, 2016

The Kleptocracy owner's manual

Congratulations on changing your government to a kleptocracy! We have provided this manual to you so you may see how your government operates now and just some of what these new and exciting things you can expect from it does are all about!

So remember that new public works project that is supposed to really help you and your people out but requires a lot of construction and time? Under your new government you can expect a lot of bribes or a lot more money to be required for this project to continue... maybe, it might not get anywhere anymore. This is graft. Graft can appear anywhere with any leader's authority being used for personal gain, you might have some leader saying he won't need a salary but then, what do you know, his security detail will be living at his pad paying him several times that salary he refused and all on your dime. It pays for itself... well, you pay for it.

Lack of transparency
Your previous government may have had open records, let you see what the laws were, let you know what your leaders made income-wise, etc. Not anymore, thanks to a feature found in your kleptocracy known as lack of transparency, you can expect this information to be shut down, you don't need these pesky facts in your head anyway, it's just a coincidence that some leaders get much richer while in office. You can't prove they are embezzling from the coffers. Your new kleptocracy is working just fine when it starts sealing records, refusing to release financial information, and treating people who want their leaders to be more open as the enemy.

What is nepotism you ask? Instead of using the most qualified person for a task, you know, the expert AKA the nerd, a kleptocracy will instead use a buddy of the leader or more straight to the point, will keep it in the local gene pool and use a relative for the task. This is just nepotism, so don't be alarmed if your new government does this. You may see your leader appointing spouses, siblings, children, etc. to be the heads of departments or meeting with foreign leaders.

Many of the basics of your new kleptocracy have been covered here and we hope you enjoy it... Of course you aren't really the owner of your new government, it's actually now owned by the few, the powerful, and the connected. While you may not own this Kleptocracy, we still hope you enjoy what you voted for.

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