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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
August 1, 2016

So Trump ally Roger Stone quotes the Shoebat site to smear the Khan family

Which even goes as far as saying Humayun himself, the son who died, might have been a terrorist.


This is multiple things, a new level of ghoulishness, and it also shows the (lack of) vetting of intelligence by Trump and company.

Here are some other gems of wisdom by the wonderful Shoebat clan:
It's 'The State's Job To Kill The Sodomites,' Not Vigilantes (Referring to the Orlando shooting)
The only ones 'moaning' over Orlando are liberals, idiots, and gay lovers... and he also has something to say about 'dumb jews'
Jesus is going to kill all the Sodomites
Radical Islam (The thing Scott Baio always wants you to say lest you be a Secret Muslim) will lead to gay rights and cannibalism
"Outlaw the sodomite before he outlaws you"

And more fun facts: Son Theodore is a self-described fascist and the father Walid has also said he is an ex-terrorist, a claim that quickly collapses when scrutinized in any way.

So if a Trump administration can't handle public (mis)information like this, how are they going to respond to another Curveball?

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