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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
May 27, 2017

The curious thing missing from stories of Trumpgrets

Whether it is:

Are Trumpgrets genuine? Or will these people vote for the next candidate who is even Trumpier than Trump and who won't have the cuts coming for them? I think we don't need to focus on people who are just upset with Trump until we ask ourselves, and them, these questions of things I don't see in these stories...

Do they find the notion of a person being "illegal" now silly?

Do they see something wrong when a person says that "All Lives Matter" but then shrugs and turns away when a refugee needs help?

How many mosques have they walked into and talked with the people there? What do they do when they are confronted with the notion that Muslims are people just like them?

When someone says gay and/or transgendered people are "deviant" or "sick", do they speak up in disagreement?

When people who look like them and believe like them are in their company and they call people who look different and believe differently lazy who don't deserve government assistance but that actually they earned their government assistance for some reason or another, do they stand up and call that wrong?

Those questions reflect the distorted ideas that helped Trump get into office, there simply can not be a rejection of Trump until there is a rejection of those distorted ideas. If they reject them, then welcome aboard. If they don't, well, it would be foolish to enable them.

May 2, 2017

Play the new "Trump History" game

All you need is some people and a sense of humor.

The rules:
Name an event, invention, or other thing in history
Incorrectly, but humorously, associate the event with a wrong person, misplaced place and time, purpose of the event, etc.
Bonus points if Trump himself is figured in there somewhere
The person who names the event gives a point to the funniest answer

Example: Birth of Jesus
Mary and Joseph actually preferred the manger to Trump Tower, they also needed a place to bury Obama's real birth certificate.

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