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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
September 28, 2017

That Which Must Not Be Named

So yes...

We've got a generation of conservatives fed on right wing and fake news media telling them that they should see it as preferable to scratch their eyes out than to take direction from a liberal, minority, or some other "other"

We've got people who think you are insane if you tell them the truth that the south did not win the civil war

We've got people who think "national security" simply means returning to the days when spree shooters were white and most definitely not! Muslim!

But we're not supposed to call it out, we're not supposed to call it racism, we shouldn't even be talking about it according to pundits and politicians.

This is what we are up against though, this is what our democracy is up against.

If we can't fight this, then we are not going to win. Period.

September 12, 2017

"America is drawn into a civil war"

The United Nations issued an extremely rare "early warning" for the United States of America, claiming that the country is moving towards a second civil war.

As StockBoardAsset.com notes, this rare early warning from the UN often anticipates a full-scale civil war.

An early warning was issued for the last 10 years for Burundi, Iraq, Côte d'Ivoire, Kyrgyzstan and Nigeria. And all these countries have experienced a different degree of internal conflict.


It is clear that the United States is deliberately divided. The United Nations clearly plays an advertising role with its early warning. In the last 10 years, these warnings were issued only for third world countries. In our opinion, further division in America will be achieved only through a greater number of events, similar to what was in Charlottesville. And they will strengthen the polarization of the sheep for slaughter in the streets.



Now why post something like this? I'll tell you why. There was a guess as to just what some of the Russian propaganda being shoveled into Facebook was. I took some of these images and used a Russia-based search engine (Yandex), In addition to a site that was just coincidentally called "culturekill . com", I also found this article which is how we are seen according to Putinist propaganda.

Let's not call this a civil war though, it's not, if you're trying to divide Americans, if you're trying to turn law abiding Muslim Americans into an enemy, if you are pushing fake news against people who say that black lives matter, etc.; then you're not the south vs the north in a second civil war, you are an agent of Putin. It's as simple as that. This isn't a civil war now, you are the tip of the spear for the Kremlin, for the people who killed Alexander Litvinenko and Sergei Magnitsky, for the people who blew up MH-17; you are fighting for a nation, but believe me, it isn't your version of the United States.

Spread the word.
September 2, 2017

What is honesty?

Is "honesty" whatever happens to agree with your point of view?

Is "honesty" whatever happens to be any statement that one thinks would rile up or irritate some group that you do not like? So for these two statements, your reality is not contingent on memory or perception, but the emotional appeal, or lack of it, of something?

Is "honesty" saying the first thing that comes into your head, no matter how unfiltered or how divorced from reality it is?

Is "honesty" whatever you say while under an altered state of consciousness; whether that state is caused by tort... enhanced interrogation techniques or under the effects of hallucinogens?

I'm "honestly" sure we are seeing the rise of one group that would say "YES!" to all of the above.

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