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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
June 22, 2018

We all need to thank Philip Alston at the UN for his examination of extreme poverty in the US

Nikki Haley has called the examination ridiculous and politically motivated... but I am an American citizen who wants to say that the examination was needed and it speaks volumes that Nikki is pushing logical fallacies and distortions, such as saying the way out of poverty is with a job... What? That's a false dichotomy. And using non-sequitur statements such as saying the US has wealth and freedom like that somehow invalidates what the man is saying.

I'm sorry Nikki Haley, but I am siding with Philip Alston's studies over your lies.

Thank you, Philip Alston, for all of your work on this subject that our government and media doesn't want to talk about, and in many ways, extreme poverty is even 'functional' to our government.


June 13, 2018

Not Paying

It's time for a not paying movement when it comes to the so-called greatest healthcare system in the world.

Don't pay for insurance.
Don't pay medical bills.
If you are in the medical profession, don't pay tuition and loans.
And if you want to pay, pay as slowly and as small as possible.

If Republicans are so much in love with the idea bringing back pre-existing conditions and letting health insurance companies pick who lives and who dies, then how about we pick to not pay?

Spread the word.

Not paying.

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