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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
October 24, 2019

Trump's Social Injustice Warriors

You (Not you, but you as in conservatives and Republicans) didn't get angry when your fellow Americans, non-white, faced disparities and double standards. Faced racism. Didn't stand up when your kids turned over cars and it was called a "sports celebration" but when non-white people did it, it was called a riot.

You didn't get angry when makers of opioids flooded our streets with drugs. Nor did you get angry when the prices of insulin or epipens were hiked and are still being hiked.

You didn't get angry when mass shooters started echoing rhetoric of "cultural Marxism", "immigrant invasions", "globalism", etc.

You didn't even get angry when people closed down jobs.

In fact, you made fun of people who did get upset, who did mobilize against these things, you even got upset against them. Slurs like "politically correct", "virtue signaling", and "social justice warrior".

But now, you decide to get angry over a president who doesn't really care about you? Who will be gone either through impeachment, by 2021, or, God forbid, 2025. This is your final straw? This is your line in the sand? All these things, you choose this?

I don't think I've ever been more disgusted by that 30% than I am today.

October 13, 2019

Barr blames "secularists" for decline in religious values, why not blame religious conservatives?

In a speech at University of Notre Dame’s law school Friday, Barr blamed “secularists” and “so-called progressives” for wreaking havoc on American society. Barr’s depiction of a war between the non-religious and people of faith shocked legal experts, who saw Barr’s defense of religious freedom as an assault on the First Amendment’s protection against the government’s establishment of any religion.

“This is not decay,” Barr said. “This is organized destruction. Secularists and their allies have marshaled all the forces of mass communication, popular culture, the entertainment industry, and academia in an unremitting assault on religion & traditional values.” (Barr spent years profiting off of these same industries he is attacking. He served as general counsel at Verizon for eight years, held a had a paid position on the board of Time Warner for nine, and represented telecoms giant GTE in the 1990s.)


Funny how everyone is to blame BUT the one group most responsible for what is going on here. I'm not super-religious, but I believe. And I think religion should be about something greater than yourself; something that transcends class, race, and gender. And I think it may be worded differently, but I think it's a common belief.

The people who elected Trump, they see religion as a tool for power and money. These Franklin Graham and prosperity gospel pushers, to them it's about making money and getting fame. And people who aren't being sucked in see through it.

It's Barr's people who see having wealth as a sign of God's love.

It's Barr's people who have deformed religion; turned it from something from mystical experience and spirituality and into something materialistic and justifying the system.

It's Barr's people who have corrupted religion; turning it from a check on authority and into a seal of approval on the status quo and power.

Right wing evangelicals who supported the 2003 Iraq War to "get revenge for 9/11" and/or to bring on the "end times" then call Trump a "man of peace"... they are the decay, they are the destruction.

October 8, 2019

Score one for all you leftist troublemakers out there!

The Trump Organization says the anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America’s Nov. 7 gala is no longer welcome at the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

“This event will absolutely not be taking place at Mar-a-Lago,” a representative for the Trump Organization told Hatewatch in an email. Hatewatch was the first to report that ACT was planning to have its annual gala at President Donald Trump’s club in Palm Beach, Florida.

The event’s registration page on ACT’s website has been removed. The Trump Organization announced the cancellation after national news outlets reported on the upcoming gala. The organization did not provide specifics about why the event was canceled or how it was approved in the first place.

ACT for America did not respond to Hatewatch’s request for a comment about Mar-a-Lago’s decision. It hasn’t announced a venue change. But the group tweeted a lengthy statement Monday about the cancellation. “Regrettably, the Trump attorneys in New York caved to the Left’s bullying tactics and made a decision to cancel our event within hours of the articles coming out,” it reads in part, referring to the news articles about the gala.


Ah, if only I could make billionaires and their attorneys cave to my tactics and throw right wingers out into the cold more often, that would make me very happy.

October 6, 2019

There is now a "Trump Bar" for impeachment

Hopefully somebody is saving all these anti-impeachment (As in not just 'impeaching Trump is bad', but impeachment itself is bad) things Republicans are saying because you know what's going to happen next time a Democrat is in the Oval Office, most likely on January 21, 2021...

Democratic President: *inhales*
Democratic President: *exhales*
Republicans: ... impeach. Impeach! IMPEACH!! IMPEAAAAAAAACH!!11!ONE!

People will remember this standard, I know I will. People aren't goldfishes, let's make sure there is no double standard and start saving these lines.

So we either impeach Trump in the present or have an even higher bar for impeachment next time there is a Democratic President. And if Trump makes it all the way to 2021 unimpeached then he really will have the tallest something, his bar for impeachment will be the tallest ever.

It's up to Democrats to save these lines and this rhetoric and it's up to Republicans to choose which of those two things they want. Impeachment now or the highest Trump Bar ever.

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