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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
September 23, 2019

Lessons from Psickology !1O1 - The right wing version of psychology


Any white person who commits an act of mass violence is not only mentally ill but is apparently a spontaneously generated individual with no connection to any politics or cultural phenomena, they spontaneously appear out of thin air, they spontaneously generate a weapon, commit the violence, and then are killed or they die. End. There's no connection between them and the proliferation of weapons, our militarized culture, and even when they make a manifesto citing right wing conspiracy theories ranging from "QAnon", "white genocide", "virtue signaling", "great replacement", "cultural Marxism", it's clearly just a typo and/or a fabrication by George Soros to make conservatives look bad. FACT.

On the other hand, any violence by a non-white person is connected to that race or group, the collective is responsible in some way like they have a hive mind. Also, there are no mentally ill Muslims, they also have a hive mind, every Muslim knows every other Muslim in the world, and pork, even a picture of it is like silver to them. FACT.

There are interesting opinions on children. Where if they don't want to be shot in school, they had their minds warped by George Soros and the left. But if they attend an anti-abortion protest or bash refugees, then they clearly, CLEARLY, did that of their own volition. FACT.

If you have any form of autism, you are immune from climate change and therefore you should not have any opinion on it. At all. FACT.

Rich people are apparently super geniuses and are automatically the experts in whatever subject they wade into. Have science? Have an opinion? Have studies? Have empirical evidence? Have video evidence? A rich person disagrees with you, they are right, you are wrong. FACT.

What other FACTs have you encountered when it comes to Psickology?

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