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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
December 27, 2020

You know what? If the Trump Administration couldn't pre-emptively expose and prosecute a conspiracy

That involved 81 million Biden voters, secretaries of state from various states (Including a couple from Trump's own party), Dominion Voting Systems (Show of hands - Who even knew that was a thing before the election? Trump's people REALLY dropped the ball on that one), pretty much all of the media, all the judges ruling against the Trump campaign, the government of Venezuela and possibly Hugo Chavez himself (don't ask), China, George Soros (of course), and antifa (Not even sure what they did, but you know it was nefarious); then maybe they deserve to be kicked out of power just because of how oblivious and, well, stupid they are.

It needs to be said. If the Trump administration's system of governing when it came to election security and failing to even notice a massive conspiracy before the election that at this point is pretty much everybody BUT Trump and his administration, then I'm pretty sure the systems this administration created when it comes to physical security would not be able to spot a crack team of about a dozen ISIS or Atomwaffen Division operatives who aim to blow up a power plant.

December 23, 2020

Let's not kid ourselves, these people would have never accepted Trump not being able to run in 2024

White supremacists plotted to attack power stations in the southeastern US in the case of Donald Trump losing the re-election, according to an FBI affidavit that was mistakenly unsealed last week.

It also reveals information about a teenager in Ohio who shared the plan for the attack and said he wanted a text group he was a part of to be operational on a fast-tracked timeline, the Associated Press reported.

According to the affidavit, the boy was in the group with more than a dozen people when, in 2019, he introduced the idea of saving money to buy a ranch where they could participate in militant training.

The teenager, who was 17 at that time, also wanted his group to be "operational" by the 2024 election but the timeline for that “would accelerate if President Trump lost the 2020 election," said the affidavit which was filed in Wisconsin's eastern US district court in March earlier this year and was sealed again once the mistake was realised.


Can you imagine the calls of "civil war", the storming of capitol buildings, the kidnapping plots, the hassling of people who say "black lives matter", but add 4 years of planning, making connections, casing buildings, stalking people, absorbing propaganda on dehumanizing and making it OK to murder people, collecting weapons, target practice, making bombs, etc.?

I am convinced that Donald Trump's LOSS has saved a lot of people from future Dylann Roofs, Jim David Adkissons, Brenton Tarrants, Nikolas Cruzes, Timothy McVeighs, James Alex Fieldses, and other degenerates like them.

December 11, 2020

Who are the Sick Sixteen of SeppuCoup?

There are 16 members who signed on from the four states under attack. Sixteen members who say the ballots from their states should be thrown out. Surely, then, these 16 members have all tendered their resignations from Congress, or have agreed not to serve in Congress until the matter is resolved. Why? Because they were on the same ballot! How could they live with themselves staying in Congress when they feel so passionately that they won a fraudulent election?

-John Berman on New Day


They are:
Rep. Rick Allen (Georgia)
Rep. Buddy Carter (Georgia)
Rep. Drew Ferguson (Georgia)
Rep. Austin Scott (Georgia)
Rep. Jack Bergman (Michigan)
Rep. John Moolenaar (Michigan)
Rep. Tim Walberg (Michigan)
Rep. Bill Huizenga (Michigan)
Rep. John Joyce (Pennsylvania)
Rep. Fred Keller (Pennsylvania)
Rep. Mike Kelly (Pennsylvania)
Rep. Dan Meuser (Pennsylvania)
Rep. Scott Perry (Pennsylvania)
Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (Pennsylvania)
Rep. Glenn Thompson (Pennsylvania)
Rep. Tom Tiffany (Wisconsin)

Know them, know their lust for tyranny, they are the Sick Sixteen.
December 2, 2020

The difference between Democrats vs Republicans is as clear as Day vs Night now

Anyone saying "Both parties are the same" is just a troll at this point.

Case in point: Defund the police

I am FOR saying it. I think that has to be the way to open up real reform that is not just slapping a bandaid on it and telling people to shut up and move on.

But I know there are those who are against the idea, against it even being said.

But there is dialogue, there is a 'conflict' that may very well be necessary.

Now look at the flip side of that: Let's have martial law / Let's redo or overturn the election / The whole "Nice country you got there, be a real shame if a 'civil war' happened to it" AKA "Give us what we want or we commit acts of right-terrorism" mindset.

Where are the moderate conservatives? Where are the moderate Trump supporters?

Notice how there is no dialogue, no debate:
* There is no fear that it would turn potential voters off
* There is no fear of unintended consequences
* There is no fear it could come back and bite them in the rear

This is not a position of strength, it shows how they are increasingly becoming "machine men with machine minds and machine hearts", that they will jump to the idea that most "owns the libs" no matter how much it could harm them in the long run.

And if you're a leftwing Democrat, if you're in the center to center-left, if you're a conservative Democrat for that matter; then take a moment and appreciate your counterparts. They are a major part of what keeps our democracy alive.

October 29, 2020

Honestly, potus *NEEDS* to lose reelection, said potus being Trump is just icing on the cake

I've been a member of this forum since 2004, so I'm not exactly a baby chicken around here. But take this into consideration: I have a sister born into a generation where they never once witnessed a president lose the reelection.

I think, that for some people that second election may seem symbolic rather than have real consequences. I think that when (I'm going to go ahead and say when) Trump loses the election, the American people in general, and young people in particular will say: Whoa! We actually have power to influence the political landscape!

And it will be a much-needed thing!

I also think we give the Executive Branch way too much power, far beyond the power granted in the Constitution. The president isn't supposed to be the pope or the CEO of America, not supposed to be some messianic figure, they're not supposed to be our equivalent of a king (*Still eye-rolling at Alan Dershowitz for the 'pearl of wisdom'*), they're supposed to essentially be the head of the Executive Branch and have co-equal power with the Legislative Branch.

I think the Executive Branch as a collective and abstract entity needs a reality check.

And I'm going to keep saying this. I hope Biden wins, promotes an agenda that benefits all Americans and also promotes a liberal, Democratic agenda that he was voted in for and I will not complain if Democrats in the House and the Senate ranging from Pelosi to the Squad hold his feet to the fire on certain things if they need to.

October 27, 2020

If called for jury duty ("Real world" jury duty), then make every effort to serve

Our court system's judicial independence has been tainted by the Republican Party and hard right ideology.

Fortunately, we have a tool available to us.

If called for jury duty, then serve. Don't get dismissed.

So if ACB undoes Roe v Wade or Lawrence v Texas, then we can say we will NEVER vote to convict a woman seeking or has obtained an abortion, an abortion provider, or a gay person in a consensual relationship.

August 30, 2020

The Executive Branch all the way down to local police departments DO have a hand in all this

They are direct and indirect instigators of violence and let it happen.

This is what happens when you have a government that handles white nationalist terrorists with kid gloves. We see a segment of the population rationalized away as "playful scamps". It's not subtle, not subtle at all, I think every other group with ideas for violence can look at this say "Why not us too? Can we get the government to handle US with kid gloves?"

This is what happens you "other" violent people instead of telling people to look in the mirror. When people are "mentally ill" you don't have to change anything about society, it's "just a disaffected individual". When a "terrorist" is some scary Muslim instead of Billy "the 'misunderstood kid' from down the street", you don't have to change anything about your neighborhood or how you see the world, esp. with people who look just like you. The government has created a culture that pretty much says "I'm not violent because I'm not the other, I'm not mentally ill!" and "My actions can't be terrorism, I'm not a Muslim, I'm not some foreigner!"

This is what happens when you take white shooters out to get Burger King.

This is what happens everything is a "war on something"... "war on terror", "war on drugs", "culture wars", "clash of civilizations", hey, if you say "Happy Holidays", then you are waging a "war on Christmas". We have over-militarized our culture and anyone else is the enemy for anyone at any time.

This is what happens when you don't have good education and public mental health. There has been a socially constructed world of frightening binaries and polar opposites created because our culture abhors nuance and deliberation. Someone can't even say "Black Lives Matter" without being told "Well actually, all lives matter". Your Patriot Prayer groups, your Back the Blue groups, they wouldn't exist without protesters. They need an enemy, they got it.

This is what happens you see violence as a force of cleansing, as some sort of "return to innocence". The "coming storm" that will wipe away all the "Satanic Cabal members". Looting as the "transition to freedom" according to Donald Rumsfeld.

This is what happens when you rely on "out of sight, out of mind" and "running out the clock" as ways of dealing with issues. We've got a potus who was elected by people who hope the rapture will be their ticket out of any problems they create. Going on down, we've got the blue wall of silence that blocks discussion of police brutality and corruption. Things aren't subtle, things aren't hidden anymore. We all know that the first thing the government from top to bottom wants is not to "end or reduce police brutality and systemic racism" but to "end or reduce *DISCUSSION OF* police brutality and systemic racism"

Every broken window, every smashed business, it has the government's fingerprints all over them.

August 30, 2020

What does a soft-resignation look like?

Has Trump soft-resigned from the office of President?

He has abandoned responsibilities (Sometimes openly declaring he is not responsible) in regards to:

* Responding to the coronavirus pandemic

* Defending our nation against white nationalist terrorism / Boogaloo Boys / radical right terrorism

* Defending the country from outside election interference

* Riots and violence

He has, through a combination of neglect, insinuations and conspiracy theories, and active attacks caused damage to:

* Confidence in our elections

* The United States Postal Service

* Our public health infrastructure

* And done more damage to these systems than ISIS, MS-13, or any other so-called Republican-deemed "existential threat" could have ever hoped of doing.

One could have a random person as president, nobody as president, and Trump as president... Trump is lower than "nobody as president"

He has abandoned responsibility and done more damage to our country than "existential threats" have, there is no merit and no gain to say he is the legitimate president at this point.

August 26, 2020

He told us he'd end "American carnage", he told us how he'd do it...

The solution to the immigrants crossing the border? Build a wall! Detain them! Send them back to governments and organizations that want to kill them!

The solution to black people who have the audacity to say their lives matter? Drive your car into them! give them "rough rides"! That'll teach 'em!

The solution to Muslims being different? Torture them! Kill their families!

When people who attend his rallies and wear his gear are the ones shooting Americans and shooting up schools and churches? Uh... don't "antagonize them"? If they're an incel and you're a woman, maybe you should just have sex with them? Take them out to Burger King?

August 23, 2020

How are you supposed to "compromise" with this?

57 percent of Republican respondents said the U.S. death toll for COVID-19 has been “acceptable,”

I seriously doubt I am the only one here who thinks that every disease is worthy of one thing... eradication.

There is no "acceptable" death toll for disease; I didn't say it under Obama, I'm not saying it under Trump, I'm not going to say it under Biden, I'm not going to say it for any leader anywhere.

I don't care if it's COVID.
I don't care if it's influenza.
I don't care if it's HIV.
I don't care if it's malaria.
I don't care if it's polio.
I don't care if it's measles.
I don't care if it's sleeping sickness.

Any death from any disease in any country should be considered a policy failure.

If an "acceptable death toll" from any disease is considered the "reasonable" position while striving to drive diseases to extinction and considering deaths from disease to be policy failures is "radical", then go ahead and call me radical.

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