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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
March 31, 2020

Can't help but laugh at the R line that impeachment and investigations prevented Trump from prepping

for COVID.

Democrats and the left didn't force the Trump Administration to take on an "own the libs" agenda - They did that on their own volition.

Democrats and the left didn't force the Trump Administration to do things to "stick it to Obama"... including slashing the pandemic response team - They did that on their own volition.

Democrats and the left didn't force the Trump Administration to focus on shadowy cabals of "globalists" that supposedly control all the media and the banks, asinine conspiracy theories about George Soros bringing immigrants in to replace white people, and the "deep state" which is anyone who can act as a check to the Trump Administration, and giving winks and nudges to QAnon when they could have been focused on real, but maybe not as exciting, issues like focusing on a crumbling infrastructure, antibiotic resistance, or how to respond to a pandemic - They did that on their own volition.

Democrats and the left didn't force the Trump Administration to make sure people are saying "Merry Christmas", to take on that oh-so-important issue of making sure your ears don't hear the abominable phrase "Happy Holidays" instead of preparing for that emerging virus in Wuhan - They did that on their own volition.

So yeah, it was totally the impeachment and investigations which held Trump up and prevented him from preparing for this pandemic.

Totally... totally.

March 23, 2020

Something tells me people calling it a "Chinese virus" don't know anything about viruses

If I remember my biology right, a virus...

* Is not really a lifeform
* Hijacks the functions of plant, animal, and bacteria cells they infect to make more viruses
* Hijacks the cells in a way so they don't just explode into new viruses but are gradually depleted and are diverted from the things they normally do
* Injects material into the cell, it changes the cell by injecting DNA and RNA into the cell. And that's pretty much what a virus is, it's DNA (or RNA) covered by a shield of proteins.

In layman's terms and a way to see it through the lens of pop culture is that viruses, the crystal-shaped structures that we all know, is sort of like the face-hugger in terms of Aliens, an intermediary phase at most. A virus does the real work changing your DNA and altering your cells to make more of it.

So... for all those white nationalists who want to get coronavirus and then spread it to "non-white" people, for all those "unheard Americans" who will never shut up and listen, and for that President calling it a "Chinese virus"; if a "Chinese" virus is changing your DNA and your cells, what's that make you?

March 15, 2020

March, 2017: Trump supporters call for liberal genocide and deportation of Jews at Arizona rally

Maricopa County burnished its reputation as the Trumpiest in America last weekend as hundreds of locals, including heavily armed militamen, white nationalists and even a few elected officials, gathered to support the 45th president. The ensuing "March for Trump" was as horrifying as it sounds.

Some even dared to tell Dan Cohen of the The Real News Network how they'd make America great again now that Trump was in office. And Muslims weren't the only religious minority unwelcomed.

"If she's Jewish, she should go back to her country," a 13-year-old Trump supporter said of a protester.

"I just want to let them know that I can't wait for the liberal genocide to begin," an Oath Keeper shouted at a small group of protesters. "That's the way to make America great again," he later told Cohen. "Liberals are destroying the country."


And now three years later, we are seeing the end-result of this mentality.

This is what "owning the libs" has made.

Never let that go.
March 14, 2020

February, 2017: They floated the idea of committing genocide against Muslims...

Now three years later, who's willing to bet they want to put politics aside and work together behind Trump... which means not talking about his disastrous handling of the coronavirus?

Tom Jones, a soft-spoken man with white hair and wearing a slate-gray jacket, held up a copy of The Terrorist Next Door by the conservative author Erick Stakelbeck in the private dining room of a seafood restaurant in Kernersville, North Carolina, on a recent Thursday evening.

Jones’s presentation was repeatedly interrupted by comments about killing Muslims from Frank del Valle, a staunchly anticommunist Cuban immigrant, with little or no pushback from the others in the room.

Can we not kill them all?” Del Valle asked, about 15 minutes into the presentation, during a discussion about the differences between the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam.


“I am beyond that point,” Del Valle replied. “I’m ready to start taking people out.”

Goodwill (A member of ACT! for America) responded, “I can understand that. We’re not there yet.


I'm never going to forget stuff like this, and neither should you. Trump supporters can take their "owning the libs" and their "jokes" about killing liberals and Muslims and shove off when they tell us to come together.
March 12, 2020

Never forget - This whole regime is based on "owning the libs"

Look at the way the Trump administration and the right-wing has operated for the past couple of years:
The Summer’s Hottest Trend Is Owning the Libs
Governing by Owning the Libs
How 'owning the libs' became the ethos of the right
Trump's new website is all about how to own the libs during the holidays

And now they want us to unite behind Trump? No thanks.

I'll just look at the bear market or coronavirus spreading throughout the US and say "You really owned those libs, huh?"

March 12, 2020

The potus elected by first world problems/angry conservative man problems can't solve a real one?

Who got Trump elected? People with first world problems and angry conservative man problems...

"Why can't *I* say the n-word?"
"Why do I have to press 1 for English?"
"Why do people say 'Happy Holidays' to me when I want to hear 'Merry Christmas'?"
"I'm not racist but..."
"No, all lives matter! (Except refugees)"
"Gay marriage ruins the sanctity of my third marriage!"
"YEAH!" (Response in question to letting a person without health insurance die)
"Sure there's a shooter, but the shooter is white and not a Muslim, so... win."
"I don't want higher taxes for billionaires because I'll totally be a billionaire someday."
"Gotta undo what the black man did!"
"I'm so happy to have a president who isn't politically correct!"

Those are Trump's people, that's his base, and they elected him to solve their oh-so-pressing issues.

And now there's a real issue that's spooking the economy, shutting down public meeting places, scaring people in general, hurting people, killing them, and more... and the man they elected doesn't seem all that equipped to solve that real issue?

I'm shocked. Simply shocked.

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