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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
June 14, 2020

"Own the libs" - Did Trump even succeed at THIS as the US increasingly looks at hard left ideas?

"Own the libs", it's a purely id-driven thing... Sticking it to the liberals, measuring how good X is by nothing else other than how much liberals are hurt or humiliated by that X.

Vote for Trump to "own the libs"
Pardon Joe Arpaio to "own the libs"
And more:
The Summer’s Hottest Trend Is Owning the Libs
Governing by Owning the Libs
How 'owning the libs' became the ethos of the right
Trump's new website is all about how to own the libs during the holidays

When Democrats briefly had the White House, House, and Senate back when the "socialist Muslim antichrist" Obama was president; "Defund the Police" wasn't on the table, "Autonomous Zones" weren't on the table, "Guaranteed Minimum Income" wasn't on the table, "ANTIFA IS COMING TO A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU" wasn't a thing, the NRA wasn't on it's last legs, there's wasn't as much looking at white nationalists and the far-right as terrorist entities as there is NOW, and I think one could even bring up more things.

The right spent years, YEARS, demonizing liberals and liberalism... any accusation you could make: soft on terror, soft on crime, sexual deviant, want to use drugs, coddle criminals, want to spend money on post-modern art over police spending, take your guns, liberals aren't just wrong but EVIL, turn "liberal" itself into a pejorative. And to what? Eliminate a whole side of the political spectrum? What did they think was going to happen? That we'd have a one-winged political system?

The thing about liberals is that they ultimately work inside the system, right? Reform, change through legal and political means, and compromise. You right-wingers made them invisible, tried to turn liberal itself into a bad concept, and look at what happened. You unleashed the beast when you started on this path and got it to a fever pitch with "own the libs" as a campaign strategy.

It's funny how ultimately those "crazy liberal" positions are starting to look like the reasonable positions as we're going from "HAHA OWN THE LIBS" to "SAVE US, LIBERALS". But don't worry, there will be accountability for all the blood and damage it took to get here.

June 7, 2020

Dislike Antifa? Blame the GOP. Barely even a thing until they partnered with the worst of America

I'm getting the sense that Antifa in the US up until a couple of years ago consisted of some hoodlums and some bookstores in Portland, Oregon.

I'm in the ballpark, yeah?

So take a look at this:

The first mention of Antifa in the United States in Wikipedia

That date is August 8, 2017.

And I looked at this, and I thought to myself, why is that date so peculiar? What stands out about it?

A couple of days later, the Unite the Right rally happened; August 11.

The page for the Unite the Right rally is older than the Antifa in US page, here is one such edit made, made on August 7, it describes antifa as "ANTIFA" (Yes, in all caps) and leads to the "anti-fascism" page (Telling, right?)

So here's another edit on August 7. And this is where I find it even more interesting.

Pay attention to this image, it's the template for a civil conflict.

It's weird how a bunch of anarchists nobody knows about and you think their name is an acronym with the whole ANTIFA thing I guess, but you know they will show up, and you know they will come in numbers that will be equal to that of the side they are against? Come on! There was an expectation that they would be "one side" to "both sides" of this conflict.

This template was used with "ANTIFA (Planned)" or some version of "ANTIFA" was used on and off. Most notably here, it includes a passing reference to what we would all come to know as the white nationalist terrorist car attack that murdered Heather Heyer, who was practicing her first amendment rights and was not a member of "ANTIFA".

So what's the point of highlighting this edit warring?

I'll go ahead and tell you... it's a microcosm showing that we knew, we all knew, nobody anywhere has any excuse to know that some group like antifa was not going to be the response to neo-nazis, white supremacists, these Qanon fairy believers, and so on. Antifa was one wing of the bird, what was the other wing? That was the wing driving cars into protesters, saying they couldn't wait for the "liberal genocide" and deportations of Jewish people to begin, the wing screaming "all lives matter" but shooting arrows at people, the ones talking about martial law and waiting for the "storm" to begin, making up conspiracy theories about "white genocide" and "cultural marxism" and on and on.

And it was one party giving a wink and a nudge to those people above, one party made this extremism possible, one party normalized this rhetoric, and it was one party counting on this response.

Every claim that antifa is "terrorist" or every building burned in their name; I, for one, will always see "Republican Party" right behind it.

June 7, 2020

Trump Vodka, Trump Steak, Trump Water may have gone bust, but there are WINNING Trump-brand products

The Trump Blame-Game:
1. Never take responsibility
2. When pressed, blame someone else, anyone else
3. When pressed further, blame Obama
4. See #1 when #3 fails

The Trump Bus:
May not be very efficient, but it is GREAT that scapegoats and former henchmen can go under it with ease

The Trump Bunker:
Great for when you don't want to deal with worsening situations and your leadership skills are lacking

June 6, 2020

I'm not for looting, but...

Whenever I hear about looting going on, my mind just flashes back to the time couple years ago when I was told to "shut up, lib" and how we have not just a strong economy but the STRONGEST ECONOMY EVER because the Dow was at a record high and yet my fridge and pantry were empty, and I was going to bed hungry.

Real strong economy.

I doubt I was the only person who experienced this and we still see it going on, being told we have a "strong economy" if not the "strongest economy", being told that Trump is an "economic president", and being told that our perceptions are wrong because the Dow disagrees but yet savings accounts are empty, one has to choose which bills are to be paid, and even basic necessities (like food) go unmet.

I don't endorse looting as a practice but when I hear or see "LOOK AT THE DOW!", it's challenging to be against it, and I can see why people might do it.

June 6, 2020

"Accelerationism" means police brutality, corruption, and immunity should be natl security concerns

Every action, everything that we do and anything that anyone does, has consequences, it may be positive or it may be negative (And it could have a little bit of both), those consequences may be felt immediately, or it might take a very long time to manifest.

But the consequences are there...

How many vehicle accidents have there been based on the sole fact that someone was running a bit late?
The 2003 Iraq War and the destruction of the political and physical infrastructure certainly led to the formation of ISIS.
The racist birther movement led to the presidency of Donald Trump

Now ask yourself this:
* What did the killing of Aiyana Jones lead to?
* What is the George Floyd death leading to?
* What did killing Breonna Taylor lead to?
* What does prosecuting someone for a baggie of marijuana to the fullest extent of the law vs giving them a slap on the wrist lead to?
* What does taking a white mass shooter out to Burger King lead to?

Those things will have consequences, and those consequences weren't prosecutions and investigations in all of those cases... but they do have consequences. The Black Lives Matter movement forming, protests, riots, looting, people noticing the disparity, and more.

Now you've got these accelerationists and these boogaloo boys, they are counting on it. They realize all the system needs is a little kick and then we get closer to a civil war or at the least, more riots and more looting.

It should be saying something if a bunch of white LARPers are noticing something going on how black America is being treated but the government ignores it.

The only way to starve accelerationism at this point is to have more accountability for law enforcement.

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