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Is it "healing" or is it "pulling an Oliver North"/"pulling an Elliott Abrams"?

Named in honor of two of the guys who undermined the law to give government resources to the Contras and then were pardoned so "the country could move forward"?

* Accountability
* Investigations
* Sanctions where there need to be sanctions
* Denouncing white nationalists, no, that does not mean conspiracy theories about antifa. No, that does not mean making people who say black lives matter the "other side" of that. A component of healing is... denounce. white. nationalists.
* A declaration that the president is not selected by God. We need to call to reject this modern version of the divine right of kings. Time is a factor here, healing will mean do it before January 20.
* An open denouncing of baseless conspiracy theories like QAnon and especially that the election was stolen. If one conspiracy theory is denounced, it needs to be that the election is stolen
* An honest discussion about why certain protesters are treated with kid gloves
* How does *this* not happen again?


Pulling an Oliver North/Pulling an Elliott Abrams:
* Mass pardon the people who stormed the capitol
* A lot of "but both sides" for things where there weren't both sides
* Reinstate Trump's Twitter account
* Reinstate the fired police officers tied to the slaying of Breonna Taylor
* Clear Trump's impeachments from the public record, find a way to un-impeach him. For both times.
* "... uh, that's it", is probably what they'll say

We need to make it clear, healing does not mean "pulling an Oliver North"!

Anti-Muslim "national security organization" ACT! for America really dropped the ball here

So many questions...

This "national security organization" didn't spot all the antifa infiltrators amidst the "we" in Chapter 1? Whoa, that's a serious problem.
Not a single lick of information that antifa was supposedly going to infiltrate this event beforehand? Really?
It took them a day to join in blaming antifa for the violence?
And what's with all the people replying to ACT with justifications for the violence? Are people like... *checking notes* "LeftistsRTheEnemy" part of antifa?

Excuse me, I'm gonna go ahead and pull your "national security" card...

These people aren't "unheard Americans", they aren't REALLY protesting that

Had Donald Trump won, then four years from now, the Capitol would be in the same place as it is today.

Just replace "LOSS to Biden" with "We want to get rid of the 22nd Amendment", "Trump should be President-for-life", "dissolve Congress", etc.

And then add 4 years of militias forming and training, of stockpiling guns, of making bombs, of casing Congress, and of getting indoctrinated in murdering people. For all we know, that might have given them time to get a small nuclear device into the halls of Congress. They could succeed if they had 4 years of training and developing.

Every day as January 20 approaches, I am more and more secure in my conviction that the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris saved the country.

Victims of the opioid crisis, the "world's greatest healthcare system", white nationalist terrorists

spree shooters, and of police corruption and brutality...

Where was your "this is a revolution!" then?
Where was your drive to storm buildings then?
Where were your "second amendment solutions" then?
Where was your willingness to die then?

Oh sure, you were there to say "Yeah!" when the question was should your uninsured fellow Americans die and they can't afford treatment. Oh, how so brave of you!

You were there to giggle, like, and retweet when that piece of work Laura Loomer hoped there would be more dead refugee children or when she said her Twitter account was a more pressing concern than the victims of the Christchurch Massacre. I'm in the ballpark with that one, right?

And you went out of your way to make it known that you believed there was "nothing that can be done" or it's "too soon to talk about change" after Nikolas Cruz, Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza, Jason Dalton, Robert Gregory Bowers, Patrick Crusius went on spree shootings and terrorist attacks. Correction: You were there to be outraged at the March for Our Lives movement, you were sure to be angry at the students upset over school and mass shootings. You loved to spread the conspiracy theories and join in the demonizing.

You shrugged your shoulders when Purdue Pharma flooded your towns with opioids. You said "not my problem" when a refugee needed help. You were there to say "Actually, all lives matter" when someone said "black lives matter" and then magically disappear when faced with an opportunity to turn "all lives matter" into an action other than being contrarian to black Americans.

You've abandoned your fellow people, your fellow Americans, your friends, your neighbors, your brothers and sisters, and your own children. But this bankrupt reality TV star deserves your time, money, and even your blood? What a sick joke.

And for what? Four more years of "I don't take responsibility at all"? Four more years of dog whistles? Four more years of passing the buck? Four more years of "The Dow is at a record high, give me credit" alternating with "The Dow took a hit, must be Obama's fault"? Four more years of seeing that je-globalist known as George Soros behind every single thing you don't like? Four more years of being terrified of transgender people, "antifa", and the people who have the gall to say "black lives matter"?

Just know this: We will never forget this. The next time you shrug your shoulders or say "not my problem", we will remember what you were doing at this point in time right now. We will never give you the opportunity to abandon anyone else ever again.

"Stop the steal"? What exactly is being stolen?

Because you know, as we've been told repeatedly over the past year, the president doesn't seem to do anything really...

It's someone else's fault for COVID.
It's someone else's fault for government shutdowns.
It's someone else's fault for the riots.
It's Obama's fault for... everything.

And what is the value of the thing supposedly being stolen? It's not exactly the Hope Diamond being swiped here: An office propped up by Putinists, white nationalists, and the people outraged, not by school shootings, but by the students outraged that school shootings are happening. And an office very few people, including the current president himself, have very little to no respect for.

So to sum it up; there was a massive conspiracy involving George Soros, Dominion Voting Systems, millions of Democratic voters, the media, judges who litigated against Trump, the deep state, the governments of Venezuela and China, antifa (Because why not), the electors of the electoral college, and probably countless others I am forgetting about to steal the one political office that according to supporters of the current president is the most toothless and powerless office in the land, the one office that has consistently passed the buck to someone else over the pressing issues of the day.

Is it "stealing"? Or are we just taking the unfair burden from Trump and his supporters?

Trump and his supporters were wailing over the past year about taking no responsibility at all.

To them, I think we should say:

Come, we will lift your heavy office off of your heads. You need to worry about this powerless office that has someone else REALLY be responsible for the things Trump does or does not do any longer. We are relieving you of this toothless monstrosity.

More than just Trump: The sobering reality is that a president can indeed lose reelection

I posted this less than a week before the election:

I've been a member of this forum since 2004, so I'm not exactly a baby chicken around here. But take this into consideration: I have a sister born into a generation where they never once witnessed a president lose the reelection.

I think, that for some people that second election may seem symbolic rather than have real consequences. I think that when (I'm going to go ahead and say when) Trump loses the election, the American people in general, and young people in particular will say: Whoa! We actually have power to influence the political landscape!

And it will be a much-needed thing!

I also think we give the Executive Branch way too much power, far beyond the power granted in the Constitution. The president isn't supposed to be the pope or the CEO of America, not supposed to be some messianic figure, they're not supposed to be our equivalent of a king (*Still eye-rolling at Alan Dershowitz for the 'pearl of wisdom'*), they're supposed to essentially be the head of the Executive Branch and have co-equal power with the Legislative Branch.

I think the Executive Branch as a collective and abstract entity needs a reality check.

And I'm going to keep saying this. I hope Biden wins, promotes an agenda that benefits all Americans and also promotes a liberal, Democratic agenda that he was voted in for and I will not complain if Democrats in the House and the Senate ranging from Pelosi to the Squad hold his feet to the fire on certain things if they need to.

I think what we are seeing going on today is the flip side of what I originally posted: People saw a president get the pink slip and it's like looking at a brand new color or a new dimension of existence.

We have misinformation masquerading as news, we have our perceptions of information and time warped by a great deal of things, we have people who think eras they never lived in were the greatest ever, and more.

I honestly think we need "de-POTUSification"...

I know President Biden will have this agenda in mind in word and deed, but maybe it needs to be something we can ALL get behind and advocate:
* The potus is first and foremost a public servant, not the CEO of the country, not the Pope of America
* There is no "divine right of presidents", and no, the potus is not the heir to God and/or Jesus
* That second election is not a rubberstamp, any potus can indeed lose that election and be evicted from the White House
* On that note, nobody is entitled to becoming the potus. It does not matter what your political connections are, how much money you have, what religion you have, how not-"socialist" you are, the color of your skin, what historical era you can pretend to recreate, etc.
* The potus is ultimately co-equal with the other branches of power, with special powers granted to the potus, like in foreign policy being more for responsibility rather than privilege
* If you're not going to wage "civil war" when the factories shut down and move overseas or when Purdue Pharma floods your town with opioids, then don't plan on waging it when your person loses reelection

Our country as a whole wandered into dangerous territory with this whole giving the potus a cult of personality, now we must strive to undo the damage or else we will have someone try to out-Trump Trump in 2024 and beyond and we will jump right into becoming some totalitarian theocracy or fascist state.
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