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Member since: Sat Mar 20, 2004, 11:37 AM
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It's clearly because Joe Biden is giving free stuff away

I am for Open Borders

Come on in - For real.

Not only am I for open borders, I think that once you plant your feet on our soil whether you are born here or an immigrant (Legal, illegal, refugee, stateless, I don't care!), you should be entitled to quality healthcare, education, competitive wages, a safe and healthy environment, public benefits, minimum income, public goods and services, rights, and more.

You think you'll see those things in a post-Roe United States?

Heh heh heh... no.

We should fight for these things for everybody. Everybody.

"So you gave money to Michael Flynn and continue to justify it? That's why you still support him?"

That's what we call the sunk cost fallacy.

My Right Wing Infopedia is keeping a running list of Michael Flynn's lies and crazier claims, let's just say it's getting kind of hefty.

The list of lies and unsubstantiated claims made by Michael Flynn.

He lied to Pence
He lied to the FBI
He lied to the judge at his trial
And more
But he'd never lie to the people who send him money, right?
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