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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
February 12, 2021

After the disastrous Unite the Right rally, I remember I posted something...

To the effect of the alt/far right's ideal version of their plans to purge everyone they did not like would involve NO guards, NO fences, NO minefields, nothing.

It would be US saying "We could stop them, this does not have to happen... but we'd need a permit to do so. Oh well."

I think this is still relevant today.


Because in 2024, I am convinced Donald Trump will secure the Republican Party's nomination. This is a textbook case of sunk-cost fallacy in play. Trump has lost them the House, the White House, and the Senate. Trump mismanaged the response to this pandemic. Trump spoke of ending "American carnage" but handled white nationalist terrorists with kid gloves. And... he is still their man, other than a half-hearted attempt by McConnell, there has been no real attempt to wash their hands clean of Trump. And we will see this play out in 2024.

And will he go on to become president? Will Marjorie Taylor Greene become Speaker of the House? Will they join forces to freeze the assets of mass shooting survivors because they are all "crisis actors paid by George Soros"? Will they declare war on "antifa" and people who say "black lives matter"? Will they sell Alaska to Putin so Trump can avoid bankruptcy (again)?

We don't have to find out about this happening. We can stop it here, right now.

It involves us NOT being complacent.
It involves us being active.
It involves us making a stink and rattling some cages.
It involves us deplatforming the worst of the worst, people and organizations who will not be convinced by any argument or logic.
It involves us continuing to fight for healthcare and wage reform. And fighting even harder against economic inequality.
It involves us continuing to HUMANIZE immigrants, refugees, and GLBTQ Americans.
It involves us continuing to resist the far-right and groups like the Council for National Policy.
It involves us NOT shrugging our shoulders.

It is us not going to sleep and saying "Other people can handle it now."

There is no more spectator politics, there is no "sit back and enjoy the show", not if you do not want Trump and Greene in the highest positions of power. Don't say it's impossible, not again.

I'm not going to wait for a permit.

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