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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
March 28, 2021

I don't get it; doesn't making it harder to vote, seeing low turnout as an accomplishment...

Doesn't that put MORE power and leverage into the hands of a person or persons who would actually commit voter fraud?

If we were to have 100% turnout, if everyone who votes should, then they would cancel out illegitimate voters

AND if we were to have 100% turnout, and someone does and actually commits voter fraud, then an abnormality would appear, you can't get that as a diagnostic with 55% turnout, as we got in the 2016 election

March 28, 2021

If you want to see just low the right wing can sink, check out what my Twitter associate is doing


Start there, and read the replies, he is really only trying to do one thing:

Right-winger: Homosexuality is a perversion
Burnoatus: Slavery is the perversion!
Right-winger: Well...

Go down just a little bit and you'll start to see just that.

Also, if you are on Twitter, be sure to support the #SuddenlySilentAboutCancelCulture and #NeverCalledThugs hashtags we're promoting.

The former is about noticing when the people decry "cancel culture" suddenly go silent, a recent bill being proposed in Tennessee is showing them do just that. And the latter is about noticing when certain people AREN'T called "thugs" or "animals" when they do certain things that would
get certain OTHER people called just that. Everyone's favorite representative ( ), Marjorie Taylor Greene is making a lot of appearances here, it's being noticed that she, sure enough, used "thug" to describe the shooter in Colorado but did not use that label for the shooter in her own district... in fact, to date, she has said nothing about the shooter in her own district. Funny, right?

March 25, 2021

Hey, wouldn't voter fraud be easier to detect if turnout was SUPPOSED to be 100%?

Instead of making it harder to vote...

If everybody voted and it raised a red flag when someone didn't...

You'd get 100%, a number that you NEED to have across the entire country.

Any number other than 100, there's something wrong:

A policy failure
Record keeping failure
And if that number is higher than 100, in addition to census records not matching up, it could indeed be a case of voter fraud

But no, apparently the only way to combat voter fraud is to make it harder to vote, right?

March 16, 2021

I think I have a solution to "cancel culture" that will please everyone... Cancel Culture Income

Conservatives are never going to stop talking about "cancel culture"

We have right-wing actors who are convinced they don't get hired because of their lack of skill but because of cancel culture

And as for gay people fired from jobs for being gay? Well... we're not going to talk about that for some reason. Is it cancel culture according to conservatives though? Well.....

I have a solution that will blunt the effects of mean ol' cancel culture: Cancel Culture Income

Step 1. Get a tally of all lost income due to being cancel-cultured (?) or canceled? I dunno, but get a sum of that as well as get an estimate of all the lost potential income that one could REASONABLY expect that they would have gotten over their lifetime of earning had they not been canceled. In addition to conservatives who allege they were "canceled"; people who were fired for being gay, transgender, too "tempting", etc. will also be included in this tally.

Step 2. From this, grab a random sample, 100,000 maximum sounds good. Out of that 100,000 sample, get the money one would have gotten on an annual basis and break it down to a monthly basis. How much money would the "canceled"/discriminated-against have gotten each month?

Step 3. Since we are told cancel culture is so pervasive and so great a threat to our way of life, the only way we can blunt it's effects, is to make this a guaranteed monthly stipend if one does not make or have the month-to-month amount through other means; income, savings, investments, etc. This way anyone who could potentially become "canceled" is now protected against deleterious effects it may have.

It's getting desperate out there, you know it's bad when they plead with Gen X to rise up and put a stop to it. If you are afraid of cancel culture, there is a way to stop it, it's with a:

Guaranteed Minimum... In case of and/or to stop financial damage from cancel culture... Income

I expect those terrified of cancel culture to immediately get behind this.

March 13, 2021

If the term "cancel culture" existed throughout history

They're trying to cancel slavery

Cancel Culture is at it again, about to cancel the horse and buggy

Cancel the telegraph... REALLY?

You can't cancel phrenology, no, don't!

You don't see hysteria as a diagnosis anymore, it's clearly another victim of Cancel Culture

RIP Alchemy, a victim of the Cancel Culture craze

Guess what they're about to do child labor! Go ahead!

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