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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
September 28, 2021

My wiki, Right Wing Infopedia, crosses 800 page mark

Right Wingers, Hard Line Conservatives, whatever you want to call them, rely on secrecy to get the job done. This is perhaps a first when it comes to Democracy. Can Democracy and a high level of secrecy between people of an ideology who actually have a shot of running things work together? It may not be possible.

"It's like guerrilla warfare. If you reveal your location, all it does is allow your opponent to improve his artillery bearings. It's better to move quietly, with stealth, under cover of night. You've got two choices: You can wear cammies and shimmy along on your belly, or you can put on a red coat and stand up for everyone to see. It comes down to whether you want to be the British army in the Revolutionary War or the Viet Cong. History tells us which tactic was more effective." (Ralph Reed, Los Angeles Times, March 22, 1992)

"Our crowd needs to get into the battle, keep their mouths shut and help this man (Bush) win." (Jerry Falwell, New York Times, August 3, 2000)

"With the apathy that exists today, a small, well-organized minority can influence the selection of candidates to an astonishing degree." (Pat Robertson, The Millennium, 1990)

Secrecy is a tool that is used by the Right, it helps them get power and it helps them win. This is why the Right Wing Infopedia is needed, everything you need to know, all the dirty details you are not told by the media and the Right Wing groups will be contained within this Wiki so you can know about them, who they really are, and what they really stand for.

Now today, with the spread of people declaring information they do not like to be "Fake News" coupled with the proliferation of sites that actually do spread information that is not true (Which shows no signs of slowing down) combined with the spread of virulent strains of disordered thinking present in the Right Wing, but also outside of it, that is a danger to the physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual health of all people; it has become evident that the Right Wing Infopedia is needed now more than ever. With this Wiki, you can find out about it all and what dangers they pose.


This wiki of mine has been around for years, since 2006, and in my opinion, it shows no sign of being any less important today... especially as the recent edits to the Gateway Pundit show, which includes the fake news they tried to just push in the last 24 hours.

September 21, 2021

Is it a "labor shortage" or is it a labor-*er* shortage?

American workers aren't lazy, they don't not "want to work". God, if anything, don't American workers work MORE than the workers of other industrialized countries?

* Americans are now working more hours than any country in the world.
* Americans work longest hours among industrialized countries
* Americans have interesting work habits: More hours, less vacation, less family leave time, less breaks, less personal usage of email on the job, less socialization on the job, etc.

COVID has killed more Americans than the 1918 flu and caused one state's population to actually shrink. It has killed more Americans than guns, car accidents, and the flu combined.

So you know what I think is the cause of this shortage of labor? Not unemployment benefits, no. We have a segment of workers in this country, they are willing to put that screening off because it will interfere with their paycheck. That cough? That burn? That sprain? Meh, doesn't mean anything. Work through the pain, just take some cough syrup or some tylenol, right?

Statistically speaking... a lot of them, well, they died.

They died quiet deaths; they died and now employers are left with the people who may very well if they are told to put that screening off or to prioritize that minimum wage job ahead of their family or personal interests, they might just give a middle finger to management and walk out in the middle of the shift. And then those managers and employers are the ones saying "nobody wants to work" anymore.

It wasn't COVID that killed these people by itself, you know how communism can be blamed for people starving, this is what our economic system did to these people here and today. It's time to own up to that and do better. Much better.


September 15, 2021

We need to make it clear that assigning divine traits to politicians is more damaging than kneeling

for the anthem or burning the flag.

When former President Donald Trump was in office, his religious-right supporters fell over themselves to shower him with comparisons to biblical leaders, ranging from King David and Solomon to Cyrus and the Apostle Paul. Ohio Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel was similarly exalted when he appeared Saturday at an event held at Calvary Church in Hamilton, Ohio, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Mandel was introduced by Candice Keller, a former right-wing Ohio state representative who was defeated in the Republican primary last year after she blamed mass shootings on “homosexual marriage and drag queen advocates,” among other things. Keller welcomed Mandel to the stage by likening him to King David and Cyrus and declaring that he has been chosen by God.

“He, I believe, is God’s man for the hour,” Keller said. “I absolutely believe that. He’s 43. When I look at him, I think that’s what David looked like—King David in the Bible. In my mind, I’m like, ‘That’s King David.’ And you know, just like David, I believe that he’s God’s man for the hour.”

“Josh Mandel is going to go to the Senate,” Keller declared. “Just so you know, he’s going. He’s going. Now, when he gets there, I know he’s only going to be one of 100, but God said, ‘I searched for one man so I would not have to judge a nation.’ And just like Donald Trump, God is raising Josh Mandel up to be our Cyrus in Ohio. Ohio is the most significant state in the nation, in my opinion. God is going to place Josh in a strategic place, and I believe he’s in it.”

Read more: https://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/candice-keller-says-just-like-donald-trump-god-is-raising-josh-mandel-up-to-be-our-cyrus/

It's funny, they talk about confederate statues being "history" and what-not... but my view of history has told me we rejected the "Divine Right of Kings", right? Any history buffs agree or disagree with me that the spirit and letter of our founding included an element of getting away from this "divine right" thing?

Why are we going to this "divine right of politicians" or "divine right of Republicans"?

What's more - What's that do for the discourse of our country? What does it do for unity, healing, and consensus when a side believes their man is going to be installed by God? What if Mandel doesn't become a Senator? Is that a Satanic plot? Or did Keller misunderstand God?

And I say these things as a spiritual believer. I think it's troubling that we can't have a conversation like this and if this was disseminated and I hope it does get disseminated, that there would be an assumption about me, the OP of this thread. And that's not to say being a person who doesn't believe is "wrong", everyone has their own path to walk. But it's not enough to have a religious left, what's more important is that there is a universal rejection of assigning divine traits to politicians.

It needs to be said...
* People kneeling during the national anthem
* Not standing during the pledge of allegiance
* Burning the flag even

Not as damaging to the fiber, structure, and character of this country as an event where politicians are assigning divine traits to each other!
September 11, 2021

Like a genie granting three wishes

I think that’s what we need to do…

Starting now, first school district that:
* Has all faculty, staff, and qualifying students vaccinated
* Does not need to resort to quarantines for X amount of students
* Has zero student, staff, and faculty deaths from COVID
And for 3 months

They can get ANY 3 requests to improve the quality of education in their school district.

* Tablets/laptops for all students. Yes!
* A college fund for all high school students. Yes!
* Funding for school supplies and books. Yes!
* Science and computer labs. Yes!
* Arts programs. Yes!
* Funding for field trips that can take students from rural Washington state to Washington DC for example. Yes!

Not only do we get to improve the quality of education and save lives here, but we get to see those idiots screaming at school board meetings now up against people with a very big incentive - 3 wishes.

September 6, 2021

It's great, wonderful, to see the shoe on the other foot

There was a phase of my life when I was a young adult, I needed a job, any job. I worked on my resume all the time, I had volunteer experience, I lowered my standards, learned interviewing skills, I was going to school, I kept my nose clean, etc.

And you know what I got?

Nothing but “don’t call us, we’ll call you”s and the same email over and over again just with the job title changed I got telling me they were looking for someone else but “best of luck in your job search”.

I had a family I wanted to make - that wasn’t going to happen.
My family thought I was lazy - despite all the sacrifices and willingness I had

All because I wasn’t a magical unicorn to these people. So I’m enjoying every minute of employers begging people to work for them.

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