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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
January 15, 2022

Help me out here: Weren't the Oath Keepers originally founded because they were convinced Obama

would go dictator and their whole shtick was "We're not going to obey any orders from a dictator"?

I mean, there really were conservatives tearing their hair out, biting their fingernails, and losing sleep at night because they thought Obama would force healthcare and gay marriage on them.

So it's just funny...

Skip ahead to 2021, they're salivating (And honestly, they were probably sexually aroused) at the idea of being government henchmen for a Trump coup.

There's a quote commonly misattributed to Abraham Lincoln, but it was said by Robert Ingersoll; abolitionist, lawyer, and orator. He said something to the effect that "If you want to measure a man's character, don't see what he does in the face of adversity, see what he does when he is given power."

The Oath Keepers failed that test, miserably.

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