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Member since: Sat Mar 20, 2004, 11:37 AM
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If you as a patient are going to be treated like trash, then maybe your money is also trash

If she's trash, then clearly you don't want her trash money, right? And if that money is all good legal tender, then clearly you don't want anyone's trash money.

Let's start using the language hospital administrators understand if they don't want to stand up to red states.

Some hospitals in Texas have reportedly refused to treat patients with major pregnancy complications for fear of violating the stateís abortion ban, the Texas Medical Association said in a letter this week.

The association did not name the hospitals but said itís received complaints that hospitals, administrators and their attorneys may be prohibiting doctors from providing medically appropriate care in some situations, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The letter, sent Wednesday to the Texas Medical Board, cited several examples in which medical care was delayed.

In one case, a central Texas hospital reportedly told a physician not to treat an ectopic pregnancy until it ruptured, the letter said. An ectopic pregnancy, which occurs when a fertilized egg attached outside of the uterus, is not viable.


I'm sure this was all a one-time thing and will NEVER happen again

* 10 year old girl gets pregnant and Republicans deny it happened

* Oops it happened! And now Republicans want to prosecute the doctor who provided the girl an abortion because she didn't notify authorities. Oops! She went by the book.

So just a month into our post-Roe political landscape and it is already a minefield? Nah, don't believe those liberal lies. I'm sure it will never happen to you, your daughter, your sister, your partner, etc.

You'll never be called a liar and a hoax on national TV.

You'll never have your medical information leaked out to the world.

You'll never be in legal danger if you performed the abortion or helped perform the abortion.

All just a fluke. This will never happen ever again. Sure.

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