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John Gore, acting head of DOJ's civil rights division, has to sit for a depo in Census case



Luckovich-A wolf in priest's clothing


A pro se plaintiff beat trump in the case on trump's non-disclosure agreement use by campaign

A court just ruled that the NDA used by the trump campaign did not require arbitration of all disputes because it was poorly written. The amusing thing here is that trump's attorneys were beaten by a pro se plaintiff https://www.yahoo.com/news/judge-says-trump-campaign-screwed-wording-confidentiality-agreements-025613573.html

“There is simply no way to construe this arbitration clause in this agreement to prevent … pursuing harassment claims in court. The arbitration clause could have been written to require any disputes arising out of … employment to go to arbitration. … But it did not,” wrote Bluth.

Bluth’s ruling became public today when Denson tweeted a copy of the order. It is notable because Denson is representing herself and still defeated the Trump campaign’s lawyers. The judge’s decision represents a rare victory for a pro se litigant, the legal term for a person proceeding in court on their own behalf against a party represented by licensed attorneys. Denson, a young actress, declined to comment on this story.

Trump cheats and does not pay his attorneys and so the good firms refuse to represent him. Here trump used a crappy form that was drafted by a weak law firm.

This result makes me smile

Dignitaries tout Houston in bid for 2020 Democratic National Convention


Luckovich-Bow to the Queen


Dems say they'll sue to keep Collins on ballot

The GOP want to replace Chis Collins on the ballot due to his pending insider trading conviction. In 2006, Texas Democrats sued to keep the GOP from replacing Tom DeLay and were successful. It is time to file another lawsuit http://thehill.com/homenews/house/401825-dems-say-theyll-sue-to-keep-collins-on-ballot

Democrats are threatening to take the GOP to court to keep Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.), who’s been charged with insider trading, on the November ballot.

New York Democrats believe they have a better shot of flipping the red, Buffalo-area seat if the embattled congressman’s name stays on the ballot, and they want to keep Republicans from replacing him with a potentially less toxic candidate.

“Our contention and a lot of people’s contention is this is fraudulent to get him off the ballot,” Erie County Democratic Party Chairman Jeremy Zellner told The Hill on Tuesday.

“This is borderline fraud,” Zellner added. “It is too late to get him off the ballot.”
Federal officials last week arrested and charged Collins with securities fraud related to his involvement with an Australian pharmaceuticals company, giving Democrats hope they could win a GOP-held seat that wasn't even on campaign officials’ radar days ago.

In 2016, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the western New York district by nearly 25 percentage points.

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Joe Biden is supporting Lizzie Fletcher


From Sri Preston Kulkarni


From the Hoarse Whisperer Eric Trump wants protection in Witless Protection Program

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