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Xipe Totec

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Gender: Do not display
Current location: The Republic of Texas
Member since: Thu Apr 8, 2004, 06:04 PM
Number of posts: 42,340

Journal Archives

The bar has been lowered, for a new generation of Americans, born in a cesspool

And suckled on the glass teat of Fox News.

A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, says the first verse...

But the second...

Some for the Glories of This World; and some
Sigh for the Prophet's Paradise to come;
Ah, take the Cash, and let the Credit go,
Nor heed the rumble of a distant Drum!


From Omar Khayym

If you're willing to add a trillion to the deficit, to help the middle class,

Then instead of a trillion dollar tax cut, let's spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure.

We have three hurricane cleanups to deal with. That ought to keep plenty of people busy for plenty of time.

6 Mind-Blowing Time Travel Movies

I had already seen three of these, just bought the other three. Of the six, Source Code is the most satisfying story so-far.

Truly loved the premise.

That is all.

So, when Trump goes down, should we save the scalp for a certain Indian Princess?

I think she would enjoy having that decoration.

I guess today's drink of the day will be the slammer. nt

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