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Xipe Totec

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Gender: Do not display
Current location: The Republic of Texas
Member since: Thu Apr 8, 2004, 05:04 PM
Number of posts: 42,780

Journal Archives

Jos Pablo Moncayo: Tierra de temporal (1949)

The land of seasonal rains

Let the Word Go Forth

Cake-"I Bombed Korea" from Motorcade of Generosity

Old people with vegetation on their head

Photographers Riitta Ikonenand and Karoline Hjorth are collaborating in an ongoing art project “Eyes as Big as Plates” that features old people wearing vegetation as large, unkept hairdos.


PSA: Hillary is fucking awesome

That is all.

The Moorish Castle - Sabicas

My nightmare scenario regarding Trump

Impeachment proceeds slowly and Trump is still in power after November 2020.

He loses the election.

Grants pardons to everyone around him including Pence.

Trump resigns, Pence assumes power.

Pence pardons Trump and then resigns.

If impeachment proceeds quickly, then all that changes is the timing of when pardons start raining down like skittles.

Bridge-it Kelly on TRMS in minutes now

The soon to be in Jail Chris Christie assistant involved in the bridge closing.

Should be interesting.

Challenger widow's home goes up in flames in Clear Lake area

Source: KHOU.com

EL LAGO, Texas — The home of Challenger widow Cheryl McNair went up in flames early Wednesday morning in the Clear Lake area.

Cheryl McNair is the wife of Challenger astronaut Ronald Erwin McNair, and she serves as a founding director for the Challenger Center.

Multiple fire agencies responded to the fire around 5 a.m. at the home located in 1600 block of West Chelsea Place in El Lago.

Fire officials say the fire started when McNair was still asleep, and smoke alarms woke her up.

The fire was so intense at some point that Seabrook firefighters had to be pulled from the house and go into a defensive mode.

Neighbors rushed to help McNair, who had gathered several items and rushed out of the house. She once shared the home with her husband before he passed away.

“Neighbors from down the street were coming down, starting to bring coffee, and baskets so we could start getting stuff out of their home,” Paul Murray, neighbor, said.

Seabrook firefighters were able to help save some of the Challenger memorabilia from the home, but the house is a significant loss.

Read more: https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/challenger-widows-home-goes-up-in-flames-in-clear-lake-area/285-0693c44e-ec11-41e6-b868-c60a8440334a

No words

Cruella DeVos is in the building. Quick, hide the children! nt

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