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Xipe Totec

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Gender: Do not display
Current location: The Republic of Texas
Member since: Thu Apr 8, 2004, 05:04 PM
Number of posts: 42,749

Journal Archives

Just to add insult to injury, can Trump be charged with failure to register as foreign agent? nt

If you think money corrupts, wait till you see what the lack of money does

We're asking the guard of our society to watch over us without a paycheck.

Customs & Border Patrol
Coast Guard
Transportation Security Administration
And others

What will happen when the narcos and human traffickers say: "Hey, buddy, I see you're in a tight spot. Mortgage due and no paycheck. That must be really hard on you. Let me help you out here. I can set you up so that you don't need to worry about that measly paycheck. All you have to do is look the other way. You and I are going to be pals, you'll see..."

We are setting ourselves up for some long term consequences with each passing day when we starve the people who are there to protect us.

The people all along the watch towers.

An unmanned wall is no barrier at all.

Donald Trump is Gaius Baltar but with scrambled brains

We better start scanning the skies for basestars.

The Republican defense when the trials begin:

I vas just followink Orange.

Illegals attempting to enter our country...

Wait a minute...

Attempting to enter our country?

So they're not even here and they're already illegals?

How is that even possible?

Unless illegal is just a substitute word for brown.

Sex - It's really really complicated

Just when you begin to grok the X-Y chromosome sex determination, here come the birds.

Are the bird males XX, or XY?

Answer: Neither. They're ZZ, and the hens are ZW.


Dumpy Trumpy wanted a wall

Dumpy Trumpy had a great fall,
not even Ann Coulter,
much less Fox & Friends,
could put Dumpy Trumpy
back together again.

Young Adult - I think Charlize Theron's best role as an actress

The character is loathsome. That's hard to play for someone as naturally charismatic as she is.

It is cringe worthy but worth watching.

It you're looking for a film about growth and redemption, this isn't it.

The most feared song in jazz, explained

I really struggled to decide whether this more properly belongs in music, or science. I'm still not sure. Still, deference to the primary topic prevailed.

Desafinado - Stringspace - Jazz Band

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