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Xipe Totec

Profile Information

Gender: Do not display
Current location: The Republic of Texas
Member since: Thu Apr 8, 2004, 06:04 PM
Number of posts: 43,703

Journal Archives

After donating $900 to Bernie Sanders, I'm now a regular donor to the Democratic Party

I'm a Democrat. The last time I voted for a Republican was Gerald R. Ford. Nice guy. A klutz, but a nice guy. Then Ronnie came along and turned me into a Democrat. Been a Democrat ever since. We've had our disagreements during the primaries, but I've always supported the Democratic ticket.

Just wanted you to know, that my heart, my soul, and my wallet, belongs to the Democratic Party.

And I'm with Her.

I have a problem accessing the old DU

Looking for a particular post, about my brother's funeral. The search query finds it, but when I click on it I get:

An error occurred during processing.

This may or may not have affected the action you were trying to
submit, so if you were trying to make a post or vote in a poll, please
check to see if the action was completed. It is not necessary to report
this as a bug unless it appears this error did prevent your action from completing.

SELECT m.*, u.id as u_id, u.g_id, u.pa, u.pb, u.pc, u.pk, u.ua, u.ub, u.uc, u.ug, u.uj, u.username as author, u.num_posts, u.num_votes, u.points, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(m.last_date) as last_date, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(m.mesg_date) as mesg_date, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(m.edit_date) as edit_date, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(u.reg_date) as reg_date FROM 105_mesg_archive as m LEFT JOIN dcuser as u ON m.author_id = u.id WHERE m.id = 1897318

The query args are:

"It began when my brother, Vic, picked me up on Sunday at the airport and took me to my xipe totec"

The post is from Oct 28, 2004

I would dearly love to retrieve this post if at all possible.

2016 Congressional Race map

Good overview of where the competitive races are. Click on any state to see the individual state information.

Sorry I can't post the graphic here, it appears to be a dynamic image and not a gif.

If anyone has a better source or graphic, please post it.


Glengarry Glen Ross

The language is rough, I know, and not PC. But it seems like the GOP talking to Trump, in the only language he can understand.

Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Would Challenge Clinton to Another Debate

The debates are a very unique opportunity for all of America to see these candidates side by side. And I wish there were more debates, Conway said in a radio interview with John Catsimatidis. I think Donald Trump would challenge Hillary Clinton to another debate for a very simple reason: Unless you are a money donor, you are not going to have much access to Hillary Clinton out on the stump now.

I really feel like the country benefits from this type of forum, and wed be willing to have another one if somehow they can squeeze it in, she added.


I think Kellyanne misspoke; the question is whether Trump can squeeze another one out.

CNN - an orange alligator in St. Augustine, FL is claiming he's going to drain the swamp.

CNN Two life-long Democratic Women voting Trump.

- Are you going to vote for Hillary? No.

- Did you vote for Obama? No.

- Why?

- Because of his religion.

- What religion?

- Well, he's a Muslin.

- He's not a Muslim. Never has been.


Wake up and smell the bullshit.

Over half of America is ready to apply some 19th amendment remedies to this election. nt

The Donald's Two pronged defense: 1.- Totally false. 2.- Happened decades ago.

How can something that's totally false have happened a long time ago?

Final warning to my wayward cousin, on FB

To those who may come to scribble on my wall, you better think carefully what you are going to write. Piss me off and I will send you to oblivion from here on out, and there will be no return. If you want to express contrary opinions, you have your own wall, use it and don't come to fuck around where you are not welcome. Hillary has no option but to argue with an idiot. But I have options. If the shoe fits, wear it.
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