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Xipe Totec

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Current location: The Republic of Texas
Member since: Thu Apr 8, 2004, 05:04 PM
Number of posts: 43,405

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Trump is drunk with power and it's time for an intervention nt

So how is it that convicted felons can't vote but they can run for office?

Former New York congressman Michael Grimm is a felon who has admitted to hiring undocumented workers, hiding $900,000 from tax authorities and making false statements under oath. To hear him tell it, that’s a reason Staten Island Republicans should vote him back into office.

“It’s almost identical to what the president has been going through,” Grimm says of the federal investigation that led to his imprisonment. “It’s not an accident that under the Obama administration, the Justice Department was used politically. And that is all starting to come out.”

Grimm has uncovered a new reality in the constantly changing world of Republican politics: Criminal convictions, once seen as career-enders, are no longer disqualifying. In the era of President Trump, even time spent in prison can be turned into a positive talking point, demonstrating a candidate’s battle scars in a broader fight against what he perceives as liberal corruption.


It seems weird that a felon can't be trusted to vote, but he can run for office as a Republican candidate.

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Nuu Kuu Luu Shuu! Nuu Kuu Luu Shuu! in 5... 4... nt

So, what's on tap for tonight

to go with a large bucket of schadenfreude chicken?

MSNBC - Michael Cohen's 3rd mystery client is Sean Hannity

Wag the Dog

Rocky Theme - A deguello Musical similarity

This is the Rocky theme

And this is "A Degüello", a cavalry march signifying no quarter. All captured enemies are to be slit by the throat from ear to ear.

The banner is called "Doliente de Hidalgo" carried by the death regiment organized by José María Cos in 1811.

We need tariffs to protect the coffee growers of the United States

We have a huge imbalance in coffee trade with Mexico, Central America, Brazil, and, well, pretty much every other coffee growing country in the world.

We need to impose tariffs on imported coffee to help the coffee growers of the United States.

Alert President Cheeto.

Trump negotiating tariff carve outs with Canada & Mexico is like

a mugger stealing your wallet and then negotiating how much to give back in exchange for you not pressing charges.
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