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Xipe Totec

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Current location: The Republic of Texas
Member since: Thu Apr 8, 2004, 06:04 PM
Number of posts: 43,709

Journal Archives

The word of the day is lungorrhea. Thank you Rachel Maddow. nt

Trump tried to file his hair dresser expenses as an insurance claim

But it was denied due to some preexisting conditioner.

What's for Lunch Sat, Sep 19, 2020 - Mexican MREs

AKA Tamales.

Some pork in green sauce,
Some been & cheese,
With a side of refried black beans
And home made salsa (tomatoes and serrano peppers)

MSNBC - Odds of Trump winning are like the odds of drawing the bullet in Russian Roulette

According to one of the commentators on Ari Melber's show.

Not very high but deadly if it happens.

Man, bullseye!

Edit to add, it was Michelle Goldberg.

When Biden assumes the power, his first two appointments will be an old priest and a young priest

The third will be a fumigator.

Herd immunity is akin to letting a wildfire burn until 60% of the forest is gone

At which point there's not enough fuel left and the wildfire will die off on its own.

It's like saying the virus will die off when it run out of humans.

In a restaurant, today I saw eight CBP officers in dress uniform. Two of them in kilts.

My wife and I happened to be at a restaurant in Mission, Tx having dinner today when we saw Customs and Border Patrol officers in dress uniform enter the restaurant. I saw one of them wearing a kilt.

After dinner, as we were leaving, and curious about the kilt, I decided to approach their table and ask them what was the event they were going to or coming from.

They told me they were coming from a funeral for a police officer from Mission. The two dressed in kilts were pipers. The other six dressed in pants were the pallbearers.

A police officer from Mission succumbed to covid-19. The Mission PD is small and they don't have a ceremonial guard of their own. So they asked the CPB to perform the funeral rites and they did.

I asked the officers in kilts what tartan they wore, and they answered that it was the registered tartan of the Customs and Border Patrol.

I thanked them for their assistance to a fellow law enforcement unit and left the restaurant with a lump in my throat.


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