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Profile Information

Name: Jason Taverner
Gender: Male
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Current location: The Great San Francisco Bay Area
Member since: Fri Apr 9, 2004, 01:58 AM
Number of posts: 55,476

About Me

I am who that I am...I can be no other! No gods, no masters, no leaders! YOU are both your salvation and your Satan! Exclamation points are cool!

Journal Archives

An oldie but goodie - Rush Limbaugh "sings" 'I'm a Nazi'

Sing along everyone!

Christianity is Stupid - Negativland


The Secret Life of Morgan Davis

His wife is tired, she wants to sleep
But allnight morgan davis wants his cream of wheat
He waits and then she turns out the lights
He tip-toes to the doorway
As he slips to the night.

His boring life and he leads it by selling stocks
Makes him feel he's growing old and tired
There's no joy in strife just by passing time
On this boring life.
He wants the lights, the cash, a piece of ass
A toothless bitch to blow him for a vile of crack
He chokes his chunk in some Gatorade
And scores a bag of chronic on the eastern of a.

His secret life and he leads it by selling drugs he set up that night
He's selling hash to the trailer trash
His sister's ass
The boring life

" my friends are all salesman
My wife is a slut
There must be something bigger I can stick in my butt
The irs is auditing, my life is in a wreck "

And so he's fired his heat
He's blown his blow
It's coming up on sunrise and it's time to go
He smells like barf
" my head is a mess "
He wipes the coke and lipstick off his fat, hairy, chest

He doubles home from a rising show
He won't be at work in an hour or so
He crawls in bed with his sleeping wife
Just a night to break up his boring life

A friend of mine died yesterday

I just saw the obituary

He was the atheist's atheist

He is now dead. Remember that now.

He died "unexpectedly"

That means either (1) OD or (2) Suicide or (3) truly an unexpected event. Like heart attack, or stroke.

He was 43.

His parents were boomers.

WTF happened?

He had a mean streak, but he also had a kind streak...

Unlike you and I, his was either/or

WTF is up with that???

Life is life - and not fade away?

If you take a child under your wing, remember you are taking them under their (their BIO parents) DNA profile.

Be the best everything you can be.

Be their fathers, their mothers, their PARENTS.

They depend on you.

That doesn't mean suffer - that means show them what you enjoy about life - and at some time let them participate. And let them know when that is. Kids love working towards a goal.

Why do you think our flag is so great?

Serious question here. Try to check your patriotism at the door, and take a look at the US flag from someone else's perspective.

Let's say, the perspective of a villager in Afghanistan or Iraq. The US you know bombs your homes, your towns, your friends and family. Before 2001, you had no idea what America even was. Now you know them as the destroyers. The only Americans you ever met were armed to the teeth, and when driving tanks through your towns, they could not stop, even if a person got in their way. Sure, you might have seen that flag on bags of rice dropped from above, but this rice, as far as you can tell, is for the black markets. No one you know ever gets a hold of one of them. The landmines in your area all have "Made in the USA" on them. You have a few friends who lost limbs or lives because of this.

Now, is the US Flag still great? Is it still the beacon of freedom, the city shining on a hill?
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