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Profile Information

Name: Jason Taverner
Gender: Male
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Current location: The Great San Francisco Bay Area
Member since: Fri Apr 9, 2004, 01:58 AM
Number of posts: 55,476

About Me

I am who that I am...I can be no other! No gods, no masters, no leaders! YOU are both your salvation and your Satan! Exclamation points are cool!

Journal Archives

We are at war. You can pretend we can be one country again, but we can't.

The battle lines have been drawn and the troops are amassing on the field.

I hear many on DU who want common ground between us and the GOP. They want common ground between intelligent professors and inbred rednecks. Sorry, it isn't going to happen.

There is no chance to heal these wounds. Since Reagan, they have declared war on US. Remember "Government isn't the solution, it's the problem"?

That was code, saying we, the liberals, the progressives, the intelligent ones, the reason based community, are the problem and Lee Greenwood is the solution.

It was a declaration of war, although we didn't see it as such.

Fast forward to today - it's clear there's a war going on, and the minute we fight back, we get accused of provocation.

Some here want us to make nice with them. They want us to make nice with people who want minorities dead, women kept and our children indoctrinated with their fairy tales. They want us to make nice with people who think they can change reality just by belieiving in a different one. They want us to make nice with people who won't be happy until the middle class is long gone, and we're back in a feudal system.

Well I am here to say FUCK NICE!

I don't want common ground with these people.

I want a HIGHER ground from them, so if they are in my metaphorical cross hairs I can take them out like the pests they are. I want them gone, and I want them to be tossed to the scrapheap of history.

Do you know what these people think of you? Do you know what they call you behind closed doors - well you can probably guess because Rush has been doing it out in the open. But you women, women who want to make your own decisions - they think you are sluts. They think you are whores. They think you are less human than they are. They think you are incapable of making an intelligent decision.

They are aghast you would question their Iron and Bronze age moral code, and not do what they say. They also train other women to hate you, to view you in contempt.

Do me a favor. Google "Quiverfull Movement" right now. Then after that, google "The Phoenix and the Olive Branch." The latter is a blog run by a survivor of the Quiverfull movement, and she spills the beans on the Patriarchal Slavery that is Quiverfull.

Minorities - they do not believe you are Americans. Here, let me show you a line from De Niro's excellent movie "The Good Shepherd." Edward Wilson, a CIA operative is talking to a Mafioso who asks him what WASPS have to go back to, since the Italians have their families, etc.

Joseph Palmi: Let me ask you something... we Italians, we got our families, and we got the church; the Irish, they have the homeland, Jews their tradition; even the n****, they got their music. What about you people, Mr. Wilson, what do you have?

Edward Wilson: The United States of America. The rest of you are just visiting.

This is what they, the Republicans, think of you. This is how they view you. As visitors. You are not American.

This is what they really mean when they say Obama isn't an American.

It has nothing to do with laws, and everything to do with his skin color and ethnicity.

So play nice with these people?

Sorry, I don't negotiate with terrorists.

I used to be HIGHLY skeptical of the HCR. Then this happened. And now I support it 100%

Some of us just don't get it. Now that the mandate has become a tax, instead of a mandate like car insurance, it is collected by the government. It is the job of the IRS to enforce said mandate.

Collected by the government means Single Payer has now been raised from the dead - because now this is in the hands of the government. They will ensure (1) all Americans are covered, vis a vis the HRC and (2) all Americans pay their taxes, like they always have.

This means we might, if we play our cards right, get SINGLE FUCKING PAYER - since the government agencies are more empowered to make this happen.

Of course, Republicans, this is exactly what you fear it is: a tax increase. Something I think we have needed since Reagan moved in and fell asleep in the White House.

Excellent rant from a Millenial to GenX and Boomers

Open Letter from a Millennial: Quit Telling Us We’re Not Special
by Sierra on June 25, 2012

Dear Baby Boomers and Generation X,
Quit telling us we’re not special.

Believe us, we bloody well know.

Earlier this month, Wellesley high school teacher David McCullough, Jr., delivered what was perhaps the world’s first commencement dirge to a crowd of teenagers on the first day of distinction many of them have ever experienced. Graduation from high school, he informed them, is a shiny induction to the hordes of mediocrity. McCullough even took it upon himself to remind the youth of their eventual funerals. (You know it’s a problematic speech when Rush Limbaugh loves it.) What parting words did the teacher have for those who survived his twelve-minute lesson on nihilism? The paradoxical exhortation to go forth and live extraordinary lives! Because, apparently, we can?

Here’s the rub: this speech is misplaced. It doesn’t belong in an address to the generation graduating into an economy that wipes its rear end with their high school diplomas. It doesn’t belong in an address to the generation who began running the rat race at age 4. It doesn’t apply to the generation that knows hard work guarantees nothing, that can’t hope to own a home before we have our own children, that pours coffee for other people’s parents for free in the name of gaining “work experience” through “internship.” David McCullough ought to have given that speech not to the graduates, but to their parents. We have not yet begun to shape the world: we are living in the one you created. And it’s killing us....


...Now, we have not only to worry about how to find our way through the dried-up maze without vacant jobs or relief from our debts of education. We have our ticket for the train to success, but it’s run off the rails. And we have to start worrying about you.

How are we going to support you?
Social Security won’t prop you up anymore. Your own retirement savings? As reliable as our degrees, which is not at all. Do we have houses to mortgage? Investments to collect on? Assets to sell? For most of us, the answer is a belly laugh and a no....




Genesis - I Know What I Like. w/Peter Gabriel. Bliss.

Those elected officials in DC - they are not our government

Sure, they do a nice dog-and-pony show where they act like what they do matters, and act like they are making changes. But that's all illusion. A mere side-show for distraction. Our real government is not in DC, nor is it in any one city in the world. It lies in the boardrooms of corporations. Our real "masters" - the corporations. They own us. Even if you don't work for them, they still own you.

They can kill thousands and just say "oopsie" (think Union Carbide.) They can pollute the gulf, kill the fishing industry as well as all marine life, and just say "my bad - won't happen again! Promise!"

They own the media, the fictitious government, the police, the regulators, the courts - everything right down to the chair you're sitting in right now. Even if you aren't at the office.

They own YOU - most of us are in serious debt to them vis a vis school loans, auto loans, home loans, etc. Even if you are 100% debt free, chances are the city you live in, the school district you send your kids to, the fire department that guards your valuables - ALL OF THEM are in debt to the corporate world in a very real sense.

Just because things come with different brand names doesn't mean that the corporate isn't one huge monoliths, with the same people sitting on the boards of directors, the CEOs, etc.

You think you're free?

Think again.

Just like "Angkha" during the horrific days of the Khmer Rouge - where "angkha" was why you only got a pinch of rice a day, why your neighbor was clubbed to death, why your children were removed from you. It was all to serve Anghka.

We're in a similar situation. Sure, they don't beat your neighbor to death in front of you - but try and speak out - and you'll soon find yourself sharing a cell with Bradley Manning or "accidentally" killed with a tear gas canister being shot right into your face.

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