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Profile Information

Name: Jason Taverner
Gender: Male
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Current location: The Great San Francisco Bay Area
Member since: Fri Apr 9, 2004, 01:58 AM
Number of posts: 55,476

About Me

I am who that I am...I can be no other! No gods, no masters, no leaders! YOU are both your salvation and your Satan! Exclamation points are cool!

Journal Archives

What should I call my debut album?

I've been working on it for almost a year now, and I'm almost finished. I'm at that point where I'm already writing songs for the next one.

So....what should I call it?

"Obama is such a Marxist!"

"Really? What part of his policy do you think is Marxist?"

"All of it!"

"Could you be more specific?"

"He wants to take away our guns!"

"You do know that Karl Marx never wrote a thing about gun control."

"Well Stalin took away everyone's guns."

"So did Hitler. So did Franco. So did Pinochet. And Pinochet launched a coup against a Socialist administration."


"So taking away guns isn't a Marxist thing, it's a gun control thing. And besides, Obama has done the least to restrict guns since Carter. What other Marxist things is Obama doing?"

"He wants to take MY money away from me - and give it to poor people!"

"I do too - but that doesn't mean I'm doing it. Taxes haven't been lower since FDR, and the welfare program was pretty much gutted, by Clinton, a Democrat."

"He's a Muslim!"

"And that's Marxist?"

"It means he's against America."

"Let's stick to the issue at hand, OK? Obama's Marxist, or lack thereof. How is he Marxist."

"All I know is he hates America!"


And at this point, I shake my head and walk off....

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