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geek tragedy

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Looks like the vote-o-rama won't be happening this week anyways.

Three no votes on the motion to proceed--Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Heller from NV.

Ron Johnson also sounding like a no.

Sandoval and Heller (GOP gov and Senator from NV) holding Medicaid press conference today

It sounds like Heller will be one of two GOP Senators given permission to vote no.

Heller is up for re-election in 2018, and would be guaranteeing a loss if he voted for it.

"Per solid source: at least 3 GOP sens (perhaps more)" to come out against Tr*mpcare


Chuck Todd @chucktodd

Per solid source: at least 3 GOP sens (perhaps more) plan to announce public opposition to McConnell health bill later today. Developing


buckle up. This could be posturing, of course, as a prelude to "Senator X saves her constituents from ruin" phony dramas.

Does the party need to move right culturally to win more elections?

Swing voters in this country are not fiscal conservatives/social liberals. They're the opposite--social conservatives (especially on race and immigration) who are open to more liberal economic efforts.


People assumed that we had won the culture wars going into the 2016 elections. It's pretty clear that we didn't.

Tr*mpism thrives in cultural polarization and political tribalism defined by identity.

How do we defuse that? The fashionable answer in some parts is to embrace economic populism, but how many Tr*mp voters would a socially liberal win over with single payer and free college(which would get demonized as a --you can guess it--free stuff for disfavored minorities and immigrants, and for snooty urban elites, respectively).

Seems pretty clear that some stuff--the call-out culture, privilege-shaming etc are going to have to be repudiated, since we'll need to be at pains to show that the party 'respects' those voters. But, will that be enough? I guess it was for Obama.

Jeff Sessions has lawyered up


********************Charles Cooper, the well-known Republican lawyer, wasn't simply in attendance at U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' congressional hearing one week ago to support his friend. Cooper is Sessions' personal lawyer, he confirmed in an email Tuesday.

Cooper didn't provide additional details on the nature of the representation—including whether it extends to the criminal inquiry into Trump campaign affiliates' involvement with Russia.

Peter Carr, a spokesperson for the Justice Department's investigation, declined to comment because the probe is ongoing. Spokespeople for Sessions didn't immediately respond to requests Tuesday.

Cooper's involvement isn't that surprising given his public appearance with Sessions on Capitol Hill. Lawyers typically consult counsel before testifying, so that they can prepare adequately.

Jared's in much deeper sh!t than a lot of people realize.


Attorney Abbe Lowell is among the attorneys contacted on Kushner's behalf, the report said. She is representing Sen. Robert Menendez, D-New Jersey, in a case involving federal corruption charges and she has represented the powerful GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the Times noted.

Notes about Abbe Lowell:

1) He not she.

2) People hire Lowell under one set of circumstances--they're worried not about avoiding an indictment but rather in avoiding a conviction at trial.

Besides Menendez and Abramoff, he also represented John Edwards and was the Democrats' head counsel during Clinton's impeachment trial.

This is not a guy who's brought in to work something out with the DOJ.

American Gestapo (ICE) tries to deport trafficking victims

Seriously, ICE agents are exceeded in wanton thuggishness only by the CBP.


KEW GARDENS — Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested three people outside the Queens Criminal Courthouse on Friday, with activists and the chief judge saying they also planned to arrest a woman from a court for human trafficking victims.

ICE agents were inside the courthouse looking for a young woman from China who was charged for working illegally as a masseuse, according to WNYC.

She was being tried in human trafficking court, which aims to provide alternative sentences to possible sex workers — who are often victims of sex trafficking or other crimes, according to court officials.

Lawyers from Legal Aid protected the woman from ICE agents by asking the judge for bail so she could leave the courthouse, according to WNYC.


No immigrant, regardless of legal status, should ever be cooperating with federal law enforcement under the Trump regime. The federal government has declared war on immigrants.

Report: Republican Congressman who talked to Hodgkinson in parking lot was on his "hit list"


The shooter who opened fire on a Republican congressional baseball practice on Wednesday had a list of several Republican representatives in his pocket, according to officials briefed on the FBI investigation.

The gunman, James T. Hodgkinson, was shot by police and later died of his wounds. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three other people were wounded in the attack. Scalise remained in critical condition on Friday although his condition has improved, doctors said.

The officials said investigators don’t know what the list of names means, but members of Congress have been briefed.

Eyewitness Rep. Ron DeSantis, confirmed this photo of James Hodgkinson, suspect in the shootings at a Republican baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia. via Facebook .


Hodgkinson asked about which party's players were on the field.


Two Republican congressmen say they spoke with the gunman who shot House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and wounded four others on an Alexandria, Va., baseball field Wednesday and it appeared he was intentionally targeting Republicans.

Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., told Fox News that he and Rep. Ron DeSantis of Florida were leaving their regular Republican baseball practice together around 7:05 a.m. when the man, later identified as James T. Hodgkinson of Illinois, approached them.

Duncan, who plays infield for the GOP team, said the man asked him who was playing. When the congressman responded it was Republican members of the congressional baseball team, the man left while the congressmen got in their car.


Wingnuts are human too, I can't imagine the mix of emotions (guilt, survivor's remorse, relief at not being shot, etc) that Duncan must be experiencing.

Just to be clear, the a-hole terrorist who shot Scalise and others does not share Bernie's values.

Not even close.

Bernie is dedicated to non-violence and to letting all voices be heard, even those with whom he disagrees.



Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) defended Ann Coulter’s right to speak without disruption or intimidation and criticized those who seek to prevent controversial speakers from being heard on college campuses. As the the Huffington Post reports:

“I don’t like this. I don’t like it,” Sanders told The Huffington Post after speaking at a rally . . . “Obviously Ann Coulter’s outrageous ― to my mind, off the wall. But you know, people have a right to give their two cents-worth, give a speech, without fear of violence and intimidation.” . . .


The guy who shot Scalise was a Bernie-or-Buster, voted for Jill Stein

Facebook profile is full of anti-Trump stuff, some pretty harsh anti-DNC and anti-Hillary stuff too.



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