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louis c

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Fri May 14, 2004, 05:52 PM
Number of posts: 8,652

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There is no path to vicory for Donald Trump other than our complacency

Today's polls put the three key states in the electoral map squarely in Hillary Clinton's corner.

With Virginia and New Hampshire out of reach for Trump in the most recent polls with leads in the mid-teens there are three key states in which Trump has to win all three.

Pennsylvania, Clinton is ahead by nearly 9 points in the average of polls there, 5 and 9 point leads in the most recent polls in Florida and 6 points in today's poll from Ohio. Clinton only needs to win one of these, if all other poll numbers hold, even if she loses Iowa, North Carolina and Nevada, in which she is either just slightly ahead or even.

Donald Trump Plagiarized his Campaign Slogan Without Attribution

Some people here maybe thought this was a joke. I posted this same item 6 weeks ago, but maybe so much was going on, I didn't get much of a response. Maybe because to get to the important part, you have to listen to Benito Mussolini stumble through his difficult to understand broken English.

This is a Fox Movietone (ya, can you believe that irony) video clip from 1929. At around the 1:00 mark, he says the only really clear English in his whole speech "Make America Great". I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true.


Could Someone Please Explain the Polling Disparaty at Reuters/Ipsos and RCP?

I follow the polling in this Presidential race with near obsession. That's because I love politics and I know this election truly is the most important in my lifetime.

Having said that, why do I read a Reuters/Ipsos national poll that has Hillary up by 8 points head to head with Trump and 7 points with Stein and Johnson in it dated Aug. 18?


And the Real Clear Politics Web Site that has a national Reuters/Ipsos poll that has Hillary 5 points over Trump head to head and 4 points with Johnson and Stein


The Most Important Question to Ask Trump about Louisiana

Mr. Trump, after viewing the devastation in Louisiana, you are aware that these flood events in this area are once in 500 to 1,000 year events? Are you also aware of the fact that these rare events happened to the same area twice in six months? Knowing that, what effect do you think climate change has had on the devastation here and similar flooding, droughts and huge fires throughout this country?

Donald Trump is not Polically Incorrect

Trump always refers to his racist statements as "not being politically correct".

Let me explain my understanding of not being "politically correct". If someone refers to "Native Americans" as "Indians", that's not politically correct. If a 60 year old man refers to a 26 year old woman as a "girl", that's not politically correct.

To say most Mexicans are murders and rapists, that's bigotry. To say all Muslims are terrorists, that bigotry. To allude to a woman's attitude being as a result of menstruating, that's sexist.

To too many Trump supporters, they think that bigotry is some how just not being politically correct and that has set this country back a generation.

Bigotry and sexism are not being politically incorrect, it's hate.

The $400 Million was not Ransom

Why is it that people purposely try to misunderstand an easy to understand process.

Iran held 4 American hostages. The U.S. Government was working through backchannels to get them released, to no avail.

In separate negotiations, the United States was about to lose a case involving an old arms deal in which the U.S. held $400 Million of Iran's money. We had to return it, sooner or later.

We returned the money, which we would have been obliged to do, but made the hostages part of the deal. This was not our $400 Million, it was there's. This has nothing to do with a ransom. No one else is at risk, unless we are holding someone else's money.

Can you imagine if we lost the case and had to give back the money and didn't get the hostages back? Obama and Clinton would be roasted over a pit if it that happened.

Why doesn't everyone get it?

Is it Just Me, or does Donald Trump not Understand what a Teleprompter is for?

The point of a teleprompter is to make it appear to the listener that you're speaking without reading. If you want to read a speech, read it from paper. The teleprompter was invented so you didn't have to look down at notes. Look how Barak has mastered the teleprompter. He speaks with the proper cadence, the right inflection and the ability to look as though he's not reading.

Trump, on the other hand, looks like a dope reading somebody else's words.

How is it that the MSM thinks this looks Presidential? Is the bar so low that his very poor performance, reading on stage, is a success because it is not a bigoted, crude, profanity laced tirade which in nonsensical and insulting. Have we really lowered the bar that far for this insane windbag.

I am ashamed of America's electorate even if Trump breaks 30%. In politics, experts tell me that in a one on one race, that even the worst idiot can do 20%. That should be Trump's ceiling.

Why this election is over

The Trump campaign can pivot, attack, push conspiracy theories, rant and rave, or have their dope read somebody else's words from a teleprompter all they want. They can't come back.

Hillary is trusted by just 27% in some polls. Hillary is perceived as a regular politician. Count me as part of that 27% and count me as someone who thinks this is the greatest country in the world, not in spite of our politicians, but because of them. Distrust of government, which is run by politicians, is a result of decades of tearing each other down every election cycle. When the candidates willingly give the perception to the voters of the lesser of two evils, in the end, an overwhelming majority of voters still figure the final choice is evil. Then there are pitched battles for every issue. Compromise is viewed as a sell out. So, here's my point. Hillary's negatives are baked in. The other side has thrown everything at her for the past 30 years. Either you trust her or you don't. Nothing will change on that front in the next 82 days.

Here's what's also baked in. Just as many, if not more voters, distrust Trump. But that's not really his problem, because as I've mentioned, people generally distrust everyone who runs for office, and Trump is no different. Here's Trump's problem. 70% of the registered voters think he's fucking nuts. Seventy Percent. They may call it "temperament" in the polling question, but everyone knows it means "fucking nuts". As the general public paid attention during and just after the convention, Trump solidified that impression in the voters' minds. There's no turning back.

In the end, a vast majority of voters will choose a perception of more of the same rather than a man who has confirmed that he's completely out of the mainstream of any semblance of emotional and intellectual normalcy. In the final analysis, the voters have already chosen untruthful over unstable.

Nothing either side can do will change those perceptions.

Please don't flame me. This is just an objective analysis. I love Hillary. I supported her in 2008. I have argued with my white, blue collar male friends (Trump's demographic) over their misconception of her trust. I supported her this election cycle. I knocked on doors, sent her money and have followed her career at least since 1992.

I'm with her.

Trust in Government Link:

Meet One of the 1%

The NBC New Poll this week stated that just 1% of African Americans support Donald Trump for President.

Link to poll:

don King, one of the one percenters:

I wish I had my own PAC

Here's the ads I'd run.

In Florida, I'd run ads of old tapes of Trump blasting Rubio and vice-versa. Rubio calling Trump a con-man and Trump ridiculing Rubio.

In Ohio, I'd have Kasich blasting Trump and vice versa.

In Wisconsin, I'd play portions of the speech in which Trump condemns Walker's stewardship of Wisconsin.

Arizona; McCain. New Mexico, Martinez. You get the point. It would tank both their numbers. Hurting the non-Trumpian among Trump loyalists, and hurting Trump among normal people.
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