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louis c

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Fri May 14, 2004, 05:52 PM
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Donald Trump is Right: Liberals have Rigged American Elections

We helped pass the fifteenth and nineteenth amendments to the US Constitution.

If we didn't do that, Trump would be way ahead now and a cinch to win in November.

Of course, without the passage of the 15th and 19th amendments, Obama couldn't be President and Hillary couldn't run.

Trump reads a teleprompter speech like it is the first time he's seen the speech

I don't think Donald Trump even participated in the writing of his economic speech, his ISIS speech or his speech at AIPAC earlier in the year. I think his son-in-law and Manafort write it and Donald sees it for the first time when he appears at the event.

Donald Trump doesn't know when to emphasize words When he goes off script to emphasize a point, it's like he's replying to someone else, not his own words. He seems stiff, uninvolved and sometimes surprised by the content.

Again, I think Donald Trump reads the words on a teleprompter for the first time.

Donald Trump's Strategy to Avoid the Debates

Two polls came out today. One in Donald Trump's home State of New York another in the Sate of Washington. In New York, Trump garners just 25% of the vote and in Washington State, just 24%. At this rate of decline in polling numbers, there may be a serious effort by Donald Trump to fall below the 15% threshold, thereby removing his qualification to be on the debate stage in late September. That's not my opinion, mind you, but there are some people who say that.

Link to Polls:

Wall Street Journal Wants Republicans to Abandon Trump----Tomorrow's Edition

Breaking News:

<snip>They think he should make the election a referendum on Hillary Clinton, not on himself. And they’d like him to spend a little time each day—a half hour even—studying the issues he’ll need to understand if he becomes President.

Is that so hard? Apparently so. Mr. Trump prefers to watch the cable shows rather than read a briefing paper. He thinks the same shoot-from-the-lip style that won over a plurality of GOP primary voters can persuade other Republicans and independents...<snip>


Hillary Clinton Should go Down as the Greatest American Political Figure in History...

...if you think, as I do, that Donald Trump is the greatest threat to our Freedom and our Democracy in history. I literally believe that to have a person so unstable, so incompetent, so inexperienced, so psychologically and emotionally damaged, so stubborn, so ill informed, so vindictive and so disturbed have control over the most deadly arsenal of weapons that the world has ever known is the greatest threat to this country in our history.

As evidence of my conclusion, the largest amount of members of a nominee's own party, in history, has come out against the Trump election. Every former President, all but one of the same party's nominees, many officials of Trump's own party who served in the most sensitive of positions, warn us of this unstable man taking the reigns of our government. These warnings are not just coming from Democrats, there's a deafening sound from important Republicans.

If, in the end, you come to the same conclusion that I do, than the only person, let me repeat that statement, the only person who can save this Republic from such a fate is Hillary Rodham Clinton. No one else.

Looking back to Germany, 1933, if whoever finished second in that multiple candidate election, had defeated Adolf Hitler, that person would have performed the greatest service to that nation. We may never have known of that service, because we may never have heard of Hitler, but that service would have been the greatest contribution to German, and world history.

So, if Hillary wins on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 and does nothing else for the rest of her life, she will have provided the greatest service in American history.

Questions for Trump Surrogates

I watched all day long as Trump surrogates twist themselves into pretzels and blame the media for Trumps campaign coverage. Here are a few examples of questions I'd like answered by the surrogates:

(1). Do you still believe that Ted Cruz's Father, Raphael, had any part the John Kennedy assassination?

(2). When Donald Trump said that Meagan Kelly was so angry that she was "bleeding out of her eyes, bleeding out of her wherever", do you believe that Donald Trump meant her "nose"?

(3). When Trump says that "it's too late after Hillary appoints the judges (meaning she's already elected). Maybe the second amendment people will have something to say, who knows." "That would be a terrible day". What day do you think he was referring to?

Just those three questions, for starters. We still don't have answers for those three.

Perception vs. Reality. Clinton vs. Trump

I hope I can convey this post properly, so please bare with me so I can give a little background. My late Father was very, very close to US Senator Ed Brooke (R-Mass.). I've been involved in politics and elections for over 40 years. My Dad was a local city Councilor. I've been a Democrat all of my life, coming of age during the Viet-Nam war, civil rights era of American Politics. I currently sit on two union boards that either approve or recommend endorsements for candidates in the Greater Boston area.

In addition, I love Hillary Clinton. I agree with her politics and I think she is just one tough public servant. I admire her personally on the way she handled the embarrassing public issues in her marriage. She was a victim, and she remained tough and formidable, never feeling sorry for herself. I just really love her.

Having said that, she has a perception problem. We cannot ignore the polls that indicate a majority of voters just don't trust her. I understand her. She likes to explain things like a lawyer. I get that. As a union Rep, I deal with lawyers all the time. The average voter doesn't. Parsing words, being technically correct, leaving subjects open to interpretation are all going to fuel that distrust. But, that doesn't mean a lot of those voters won't vote for her, because they will.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is not only equally or more distrusted than Hillary, his sanity is seriously being questioned by respected journalists and politicians alike. Most of them from his own party. "erratic, insane, unhinged, incoherent, nihilistic, narcissistic, sociopath and, the key word here, unstable".

So, I stopped trying to argue the trust issue with anti-Hillary voters. I can't get through the perception. I then boil the issue down to one phrase, "I don't agree with you that Hillary may not be truthful. But, this country has survived Presidents that were less than truthful. We can not survive a lunatic. So, ask yourself this. Would you rather a President who may be untruthful or would you rather a President you know is unstable?"

Katrina Pierson Accusses Obama and Clinton of Starting the Civil War

Katrina Pierson, the Trump Presidential Campaign's national media spokesperson, raised eyebrows today when appearing on CNN. In an interview in which she defended Donald Trump Jr.'s remarks advocating displaying the Confederate Flag in Philadelphia Mississippi nearly three weeks ago, she accused Barak Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton for the United States Civil War.


Ms. Pierson said, "the last thing any of us should do is criticize Mr. Trump's son's defense of the Confederate Flag. After all, President Obama and Secretary Clinton are responsible for that bitter conflict and countless deaths. They made the fateful decision to send American troops into South Carolina that started that war. The blood is on their hands. After all, if Obama and Clinton didn't start the Civil War, there would have been no need for a Confederate Flag"

Donald Trump has Released his Tax Returns in the Past----for Casino Licenses

Donald Trump has released his tax returns, while they were under audit, as part of trying to obtain a casino license in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

I guess obtaining a casino license is more important to Trump than becoming President of the United States. What this article prove is that Trump is full of shit that he can't release tax returns under audit. It's obvious that that's just an excuse and that he's hiding something that he doesn't want anyone to see. Why can't we obtain these copies from the Gaming Control Boards of the two states under the Freedom of Information Act (FOYA)?

<snip>Washington (CNN) — Donald Trump insists he won't release his tax returns during his 2016 presidential run because those returns are the subject of ongoing Internal Revenue Service audits.

When he's had casinos on the line, it's been a different story

Trump has handed over tax returns in the midst of audits before -- to state gambling officials in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as part of the process of seeking casino licenses in those states.

The returns haven't been publicly accessible, but they were used by the state investigators who reviewed those applications.<snip>


Rudy Giuliani Exposed as a Fraud by New York Firefighters in 2007

In 2007, the IAFF produced and decimated an explosive expose' on Mayor Rudy Giuliani accusing him of fraud and deception in the bidding for two way radios prior to 9/11. This back door, fraudulent bid allowed the city's purchase of two way radios that couldn't transmit or receive across departments, as required by the bid's specs. As a result, Rudy cost many first responders their lives on that fateful September day.

The big mouth prosecutor, who has such a low threshold for others, has never answered for his part in a crime that led to the loss of life of some of our bravest heroes.

Link to 2007 video:
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