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Electric Larry

Electric Larry's Journal
Electric Larry's Journal
November 25, 2012

Yeah. Exactly. Speaking of what chaps some peoples' behinds.

Yes, yes, tsk tsk. There is still one entire irritatingly unlocked thread left on DU in which people refer to attractive members of the opposite, or same, sex as "hot"


November 20, 2012

I do find it fascinating that now that the top marginal rate is likely to go back to 39%

all sorts of people are desperately pulling all sorts of creative "alternatives" out of their rears.

Robert Samuelson's idea of a "good deal" on taxes sounds oddly like something coming from someone who thinks Romney won the race:


Republicans accept immediate higher taxes on the “wealthy” — couples with more than $250,000 of income and singles with more than $200,000. Obama won the election, and that’s his minimum demand. However, it doesn’t require permanently increasing today’s top 35 percent tax rate to 39.6 percent. Instead, Obama accepts a one-year surtax or limit on deductions. During that time, Congress and the administration pledge to pursue a tax overhaul that would cut the top individual and corporate income tax rates to 30 percent.

Yes, how reasonable, Bob- let the top rate go back to pre-Bush levels for one whole year (!!!) after which, of course, we HAVE to find a way to get the rates for the poor oppressed top bracket (the so-called "wealthy" harumph harumph because no one can afford that 2nd house in the Hamptons on a measly impoverished 250K a yr harumph harumph) back down lower than they already are- say, 30%, slobber slobber drool drool.

How about this: We have an income tax in place. Large transfers of money (as opposed to assets) are ALREADY reported to the IRS. Raising the top marginal rate is a fairly simple matter, and wouldn't require any fancy new reporting or ideas.
November 12, 2012

I did a Mea culpa? Where? No I didn't.

I said I agreed with yardwork that in this context "p*ssy" is offensive and a broad slur. I also explained my reasoning. That's not a "mea culpa", in fact, I've never expressed a different opinion about "p*ssy" in this context NOR did I weigh in on the original thread.

But, see, that's because I'm interested in the actual underlying meanings of the words and engaging in a rational discussion of them, not focusing endlessly on whether something constitutes a "win" or a"point" or "my team".

Also, it's meta. There is a well established tradition of using the popcorn smiley in reaction to an expected flame fest. that you immediately decided to get outraged about THAT, I think, says an awful lot about ... shit, something.

Let me break it down for you: "p*ssy"? In the context of the linked OP? Offensive. Popcorn in the context of the post YOU are now fulminating bout? Not so much.

November 3, 2012

I suppose. Were you at the March for Choice in DC in April of 2004? If you were,

you could have taken that opportunity, as she hauled her arthritic knees through DC holding a big-ass Planned Parenthood sign, to lecture her on her shortcomings as a Feminist because of her word choices.

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