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Warren DeMontague

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Name: Easy D Montague
Gender: Male
Member since: Thu May 20, 2004, 05:02 AM
Number of posts: 80,708

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History always serves us right; I've got a few tricks left, a dog in this fight

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Seven Minutes of Terror

Posted by Warren DeMontague | Sun Jul 29, 2012, 06:15 PM (2 replies)

Yeah, pretty fucked up.

In addition to having this horrible thing happen to him, he's got half the world thinking it's good for a snicker.

Imagine; someone came into your house at 4am and chopped off your foot... then all over the intertubes people were going "BWAHAHAHAHAAAHAAAAA!!!!!!" about it.


That said, I am a disciple of many credos; one is the Dalai Lama's wisdom of compassion for all beings.

Another is the maxim that if it's in the strike zone, one faces a certain, shall we say, duty to take a swing.

So I'm gonna go over to that thread and post two posts.

Or, as Walt Whitman once said,

"do I contradict myself? Well, then, I smell home cooking!
It's only the river! It's only the river."
Posted by Warren DeMontague | Fri Jul 27, 2012, 06:44 AM (0 replies)

The fact of the matter is, SpaceX has been able to accomplish in the span of a few years what NASA

hasn't gotten off their butts to do, for the past few decades, namely develop a reliable rocket which can most likely be man-rated, along with an economical, multi-purpose capsule that for now can be used for cargo and most likely soon will be able to ferry crew to and from, again, LEO.

This is not a slam on NASA; there are lots of good reasons for them not to re-invent the wheel. Low Earth Orbit is increasingly becoming a place where we live and work and do business, so that's not where NASA should be focusing their energy. And the Ares-1/Orion Capsule arrangement wasn't due to come online and take people into orbit until 2017, or so.. and even under the best-case scenario, the design had serious potential problems that several engineers had pointed out. Elon Musk is basically ready to do it, right now.

To my mind (barring further budget cuts) NASA is at least spending the meager resources they're still given where they can best do some long-range good; most importantly developing a heavy lift rocket which can be used in the boundary-pushing manned exploration (asteroids, the moon, eventually Mars) that is, really, NASA's mandate. For putting people on top of that, they can use the substantial work already done on the Orion capsule.

But I actually think the current plan is a good one, given the political realities. Of course, I strongly believe NASA -and science and exploration in general- needs more funding. You will not find a stronger proponent of both unmanned and manned, publicly funded space exploration than myself. I just don't think that is mutually exclusive with private development of space and space-related resources.
Posted by Warren DeMontague | Sat Jul 21, 2012, 05:05 AM (1 replies)
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