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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Home country: United Corporate States of the US
Current location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Member since: Thu Jun 24, 2004, 10:32 AM
Number of posts: 13,234

About Me

Hairy, scary, pro-abortion, 'rad fem', doing my best to piss off the "religious" right and MRAs everywhere.

Journal Archives

"e=mc^2 is liberal conspiracy to justify abortion" conservapedia

Creator of conservapedia: andy schlafly

Recognize the name? See phyllis schlafly on wiki.

See this link for discussion about conservapedia. http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=2302019

About andy from his wiki:

Andrew Schlafly received a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and a certificate in Engineering Physics from Princeton University and degree from Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctor. At Harvard, Schlafly was an editor of the Harvard Law Review. Schlafly has worked as an engineer with Bell Labs, Intel, and Johns Hopkins University and an adjunct professor at Seton Hall Law School.[1]


In the DU thread above, andy has decided that the Theory of Relativity is liberal claptrap and a conspiracy used by liberals to justify abortion.

Some liberal politicians have extrapolated the theory of relativity to metaphorically justify their own political agendas. For example, Democratic President Barack Obama helped publish an article by liberal law professor Laurence Tribe to apply the relativistic concept of "curvature of space" to promote a broad legal right to abortion.[64] As of June 2008, over 170 law review articles have cited this liberal application of the theory of relativity to legal arguments.[65] Applications of the theory of relativity to change morality have also been common.[66] Moreover, there is an unmistakable effort to censor or ostracize criticism of relativity.[67]

Imagine andy sitting on a peer review board.

Imagine andy the electrical engineer who worked at Bell Labs writing:

E=mc2 is a meaningless statement in physics that purports to relate light to matter. In fact, no theory has successfully unified the laws governing mass (i.e., gravity) with the laws governing light (i.e., electromagnetism). Simply put, E=mc2 is liberal claptrap.

Biblical Scientific Foreknowledge predicts that a unified theory of all the laws of physics are impossible, because light and matter were created at different times, in different ways, as described in the Book of Genesis.

Can we please NOW STOP giving equal time to lies?!

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