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Gender: Female
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Home country: United Corporate States of the US
Current location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Member since: Thu Jun 24, 2004, 10:32 AM
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Hairy, scary, pro-abortion, 'rad fem', doing my best to piss off the "religious" right and MRAs everywhere.

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2nd degree burns: But it's a dry heat.

Please be careful if you come into the southwest during this latest heat-wave.

We're being warned of 2nd-degree burns should we go barefoot(?!) on the asphalt or concrete. Walking your dog on asphalt or concrete will possibly burn their pads. If you're walking with your child and the child falls...yeah, watch for the burns. It's quite ugly.

If you leave a child or pet in a vehicle, well, it's an ugly way to die.

I'll provide a link though no text from the article documenting those who have had to have skin grafts due to the heat absorbed by asphalt and/or concrete during our dry-heat 117 degree days. The reason there's no text is because this particular publication has gone after DU in its fervor to make profit from "intellectual property." I believe the link alone might be okay. http://www.reviewjournal.com/life/health/parched-throats-sizzling-asphalt-among-many-dangers-excessive-heat

It may feel comfortable, until the headaches start. The problem with the dry heat is you don't think you're in trouble because there is no sweat because it evaporates. It's very dangerous; and very quick. You'll dehydrate before you're aware of it and by then, it can be too late.

We hit 117 today and lost power for an hour; our grid can't support the load of unchecked, profit-driving building and expansion in the damned desert. We were lucky. Older parts of town?

Stay safe, hydrated, and cool out there.

Tomorrow, well, it's another day.

"Schools should be palaces."

From "The West Wing"

The only thing I might add is that children would be taught as individuals; to their skill level regardless of their chronological age, to their interests, and to their learning style while encouraging a life-long love of learning and critical thinking. Languages, art, math, science, literature, history, logic, music, philosophy, and on and on.

Mallory, education is the silver bullet. Education is everything. We don't need little changes, we need gigantic, monumental changes. Schools should be palaces. The competition for the best teachers should be fierce. They should be making six-figure salaries. Schools should be incredibly expensive for government and absolutely free of charge to its citizens, just like national defense. That's my position. I just haven't figured out how to do it yet.

The video:

"making him actually love his slavery"

Apropos of nothing of today's popular culture and/or media manufactured scandal.

"...the dictatorship of the future will be very unlike the dictatorships which we've been familiar with in the immediate past.

...take another book...George Orwell's "1984"...written at the height the Stalinist regime, and just after the Hitler regime, and there he foresaw a dictatorship using entirely the methods of terror, the methods of physical violence...I think what's going to happen in the future is that the dictators will find, as the old saying goes, you can do everything with bayonets except sit on them.

...{the new dictators will find} if you want to preserve your power indefinitely, you have to get the consent of the ruled, and this they will do partly by drugs.., partly by these new techniques of propaganda. They will do it by bypassing the rational part of man and appealing to his subconscious and his deeper emotions and physiology even...making him actually love his slavery.

...this is the danger that actually people may be in some ways be happy under the new regime. But they will be happy in situations in which they oughtn't to be happy..."

Aldous Huxley, The Mike Wallace Interview, 5/18/1958 link:http://www.hrc.utexas.edu/multimedia/video/2008/wallace/huxley_aldous.html

The interview includes a discussion about the new medium - television, propaganda, Madison Avenue, political elections and marketing candidates, the "pharmacological revolution", and much more.

Previously posted: Sat Jun-14-08 11:03 PM

wapo quotes issa, his committee, surrogates and un-named aides: IRS.

We have another manufactured scandal.

A government watchdog has found that the Internal Revenue Service spent about $50 million to hold at least 220 conferences for employees between 2010 and 2012, a House committee said Sunday.

The chairman of that committee, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., also released excerpts of congressional investigators’ interviews with employees of the IRS office in Cincinnati. Issa said the interviews indicated the employees were directed by Washington to subject tea party and other conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status to tough scrutiny.


The conference spending included $4 million for an August 2010 gathering in Anaheim, Calif., for which the agency did not negotiate lower room rates, even though that is standard government practice, according to a statement by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Instead, some of the 2,600 attendees received benefits, including baseball tickets and stays in presidential suites that normally cost $1,500 to $3,500 per night. In addition, 15 outside speakers were paid a total of $135,000 in fees, with one paid $17,000 to talk about “leadership through art,” the House committee said.

<snip to more>

You go find the link.

The report is due out Tuesday. Anything the report says at this point, becomes a "cover-up", a defensive move, now that issa got his shit out front. wapo; stenographer to the fucking republican party.

The hall monitor has spoken: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/house-panel-treasury-investigators-find-irs-spent-50m-for-220-conferences-from-2010-to-2012/2013/06/02/2ab6e3ee-cbe7-11e2-8573-3baeea6a2647_print.html

For the lazy and the law enforcers who would have turned in escaped slaves because "IT'S THE LAW!" crowd.

"Im free, Im free, Im free says Yanira Maldonado" (sic)

I remember a time when publications were concerned with minor things such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I cannot take seriously, a publication which chooses a language and then doesn't attempt to follow the rules of that language.


NOGALES, Mexico. Last week after being accused of smuggling drugs from Mexico to Arizona the nightmare for Yanira Maldonado started, but ended well this Thursday night when she was released from a Mexican jail. She and her husband took a bus from Mexico to Phoenix and the Mexican military found 12 pounds of marijuana under her sit.

Yanira Maldonado walked out of prison happy and above all very grateful with her family, US department officials and her lawyers. She also declared that she doesn’t hold grudges and that she will go back to Mexico, because she has family there, “Its not Mexico´s fault. It’s a few people who did this to me”, she said in comments aired by KSAZ TV.

Yanira was release from the Mexican prison because there was not case against her, nothing proved there was a connection between the pot package and her. The security footage showed that they only have blankets, bottles of water and a purse. Francisco Benitez, her attorney was very pleased with the result and he said that the video was very important evidence. The military men who held her suspect of smuggling didn’t appear to her hearing.


In a press conference Governor Jan Brewer said she is thankful that Yanira Maldonado is back home with her family. There was a lot of pressure from US Congressmen regarding this case, they condemned the processing of the corrupted Mexican authorities, but worked closely with them to let her go.
The encounter with her husband was emotional and she thanked the Media for supporting her during this traumatic time. If she wouldn’t have been released she would’ve gone to a security Mexican prison until a trial date, but fortunately there was not enough evidence.


I think this fits the 4 paragraph rule but it's hard to tell given the punctuation, or lack thereof.

There is more at the link including some comments that are...entertaining.

Dave May 31, 2013 at 11:53 am

Luckily that woman is free, but apparently apostrophes are NOT free, as this editor couldn’t afford to buy three of them for this headline. C’mon, PEOPLE! It’s journalism – it should be a high example of proper usage and grammar. An apostrophe is pretty basic.

Some professions require attention to detail.

Consider this a lesson in how to lose your credibility as you lose your audience.

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