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demwing's Journal
demwing's Journal
October 1, 2015

Does the VP matter?

It seems as if the VP duties are limited to tie-breaking votes in the Senate, being next in line should the President be unable to serve, and helping the Pres "balance the ticket" during their first election (on 2nd terms, no one mentions "balance&quot .

But what could an administration do with a well qualified VP, if they really wanted to stir the pot?

What real authority does the VP have in their role as President of the Senate?

What real authority does the VP have when they preside over joint sessions of Congress?

Can the VP also hold a cabinet position?

Any thoughts, DU?

September 27, 2015

Bernie Sanders - Then and Now (1985-2015)

If you're on the fence about Bernie, or if you just want to be reminded about one of the many reasons why you support him, take 20 minutes of your day and watch this compilation of Bernie being 100% consistent in his progressive, populist message for the last 30 years!

This man has always been on the right side of history, and he's already my President. All that's left is our vote

September 13, 2015

Bernie Is NOT Boring

Sometimes, it's important to be able to laugh at yourself a little:

Sorry if this has made the rounds, but I hadn't seen it before tonight (and rofl I did)

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