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demwing's Journal
demwing's Journal
July 9, 2016

Trey Gowdy is an asshat - but is he an unfortunately correct asshat?

Someone I respect posted this video to Facebook, and I would like DU's help in responding to that post:

To my knowledge, the only "news" source that carried this aspect of the Congressional Investigation was FOX, so I'm not going to quote the article, just post the video. I ask DU - has FOX doctored, or misrepresented the conversation between Gowdy and FBI Director Comey in any way?

If so, how? I'd like to debunk a false narrative.

If not, if Gowdy is correct, has Hillary followed in Bill's footsteps, and responded to an annoying witch hunt with a series of unfortunate falsehoods, thereby creating a real scandal where none previously existed?

I hope any jury that may be asked to rule on this post to trust that I bring this to DU in an honest attempt at soliciting the opinions of people who are much smarter than myself, with the desired outcome being a better grasp of the facts, and a solid refutation of the FOX story.
July 5, 2016

Patriotic Progressives Embrace the Flag, Too

America now confronts a new version of the Gilded Age, brought upon by Wall Street greed and corporate malfeasance. In the midst of a recession, the gap between rich and poor is still widening. Although the economy has improved in recent years, Americans are feeling more economically insecure than at any time since the Depression. They are upset by the unbridled selfishness and political influence-peddling demonstrated by banks, oil companies, drug companies, insurance companies, and other large corporations. They are angry at the growing power of American-based global firms who show no loyalty to their country, outsource jobs to low-wage countries, avoid paying taxes, and pollute the environment.

We are, once again, battling over immigration and who belongs in America. Some right-wing groups and talk-show pundits, calling themselves patriots, have even challenged the citizenship of our president.

These trends have triggered a growing grassroots movement — reflected by Occupy Wall Street, the Fight for 15, the Dreamers, Black Lives Matter, and others — involving a diverse coalition of community groups, immigrant rights organizations, unions, consumer advocates, and human rights activists — demanding stronger regulations to protect consumers, workers, and the environment from abusive corporations, living wages, fairer trade, an end to police abuse and mass incarceration, and higher taxes on the very rich to pay for better schools, safer roads, and student loans.

This movement, which embodies the idea of “liberty and justice for all,” reflects America’s tradition of progressive patriotism. It recognizes that conservatives have never had a monopoly on Old Glory.

Happy July 4th.


IMO, the most partisanly patriotic role a loyal Democrat can play is that of the progressive, populist, party reformer. I'm not a Blue Dog Democrat, or a Yellow Dog Democrat. I'm a Watchdog Democrat - and proud of it.

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