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Member since: Sat Jul 3, 2004, 01:51 PM
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I've long claimed "independence" out of some vague contrarianism, I guess...

...but for a couple of decades the GOP has been evil enough that I've not dared vote for anyone but a Democrat, and that's how I've been registering.

I can't imagine the Democrat so terrible that I would consider voting Republican. Dems offer, if not always the greatest possible platform, the only realistic possibility for the progressive change we desperately need.

We have multiple single-payer systems here, too.

What we have learned is that private insurance alone is untenable. To cover more people, we must move toward single-payer models. It's immatetial to me, though, just exactly what universal coverage would look like. If the rich want to keep a few doctors on retainer, fine...but as with school systems, they need to be taxed to support the systems that will keep the rest of us healthy.

People are looking for that sound bite, and rather obsessively.

Significant differences existed between the campaigns, but Trump and a unity platform are making them look less significant.

Sanders promised ling ago to work to elect the Democratic nominee, and has already said he'll endorse. I think we can all read between the lines.

Trump Literally Cannot Afford to Run for President!

I've always called him a fake candidate who is likely to quit. Here's a fascinating reason why he never really even began running: to skate on what may be millions in additional tax liability.


Donald Trump has to spend more time on his real estate work than on his campaign. Has to. Why is Trump in Scotland? Heís racking up the hours. Why does Trump have so many of his events at Trump properties? Itís not just so that Trump can route dollars back to his single-owner company. Itís also so that every speech, fundraiser, and overnight spent in a Trump facility can be put on the scales.

Thereís a minimum of 750 hours a year that a real estate professional has to invest in the area. But it doesnít matter if Trump passes that number or not.

The real squeeze is that Trump is a half-time candidate. A less than half-time candidate. One whose first thought is always for the golf course, the casino, the hotel, the apartment building, the parking garage, and somewhere Ö way down there Ö the people and the nation.

Trumpís the 45% candidate. If that much. Do you think he told Republican voters, that theyíre literally not worth his full attention?

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