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Member since: Sat Jul 10, 2004, 04:15 PM
Number of posts: 33,884

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Control Your Soul's Desire For Freedom

is the message the citizens of Shanghai and other parts of China are being bombarded with.

If Thirsty, Where/How Does A Homeless Person Get Water To Drink?

We know the obvious problems for the homeless...but, the little things...

While in the grocery store, I was approached by a youngish woman carrying a tall bottle of water who asked me if I would pay for it. She said she didn't know where else to get a drink. And she's right. THere are no common water fountains that I know of and how healthy would drinking from one of them be? I later thought about Trader Joe's..where there are often women in the bathroom cleaning up and there is a fountain right outside. But that's the only place I could think of where a homeless person, or anyone who doesn't have the price of of a bottle water, can get a drink of water.

Russian state TV hosts giggle uncontrollably as they discuss NUKING New York

Russian state TV hosts giggle uncontrollably as they discuss NUKING New York with one of Putin's Satan 2 hypersonic missile

• TV hosts on state-owned Russia-1 channel laughed as they spoke about striking New York City with nuclear weapon
• A presenter laughed as he spoke of how New York would be 'completely gone'
• It comes after Russia reported the first successful test launch of the Satan 2

“Russian state TV hosts giggled uncontrollably as they discussed nuking New York City with one of Vladimir Putin's new intercontinental ballistic missile.
The television hosts laughed as they talked about striking the US city of eight million people with the Sarmat missile, also known as Satan 2.
A presenter laughed on a state-owned Russian television channel Russia 1 as he spoke of how New York would be 'completely gone' if Moscow decided to launch the nuclear weapon.”


Heard about this on MJ today.

Good Grief...How Far Will All This Go?

Snickers fans rejoice as much-loved chocolate bar keeps X-rated feature

"In April, an image of an unusually smooth Snickers bar did the rounds on social media along with the claim that Mars, Inc. had “deveined” the famous chocolate bars following complaints that it shared too close of a resemblance to a penis.

The rumoured change to the chocolate bar traces back to January 2022 when Mars announced it was redesigning the green M&M character.

The reason? To better reflect a “more dynamic, progressive world” and to show off the character’s “personality, rather than their gender.”


Snickers shuts down 'dick vein' rumors in response to viral tweet about candy bar

“The Mars-owned brand responds to social media rumors that it smoothed out its bar to remove X-rated feature

Snickers is shutting down social media rumors that it has smoothed out the chocolate topping of the candy bar to eliminate what some have characterized as a penis vein.

The Mars-owned brand this week declared in a tweet that “contrary to what's trending on Twitter... THE VEINS REMAIN!”


Why Can't WE Stop Putin From INterfering In Our Elections?

All the analysts/pundits are hair on fire about the next election.

What the hell, is what I think every time I hear this. I want to know why we can't put a stop to any such effort.
WE have geniuses. AS smart and certainly smarter than those criminals.

Eric Boehlert Has Died

an accident with a train while on his bike I believe.


JUst In Case You Missed Jon Batiste Tonight

FaceBook Version


Baryshnikov: 'The Ukrainians are fighting for all of us'

“It’s been almost 50 years since I lived in Russia, and I’ve spent those years living in a free society, but I grew up in Latvia as the son of a Russian military officer in what was then the USSR. My family was part of an occupying population, but even occupied Latvia was more open, and more European, than Russia at that time. So, I am a product of Europe, of Russia and, of course, of America. For what they are worth, my thoughts are filtered through this specific lens.

From the start of the invasion of Ukraine by the armies of Vladimir Putin, I’ve felt deep dread and a certainty that this will be a bloody and horrific conflict. I understood immediately that this move of the Russian army was more threatening than the so-called annexation of Crimea and the separatist insurgency in the Donbas region.

Ukrainians have always been, and still are, friends, neighbors and family. The relationship between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples has been one of easy fluidity between languages, between cultures and between borders. The two countries are incredibly interwoven, but with an awareness and appreciation of subtle cultural differences.

I can’t begin to understand why people would trust and follow a leader like Putin, but Russians historically have struggled under oppressive and brutal leadership. How they end up with such leaders I can’t answer. There are dozens of books to be written on this subject, but let’s remember that even in the free and democratic society in which I live, a shocking percentage of Americans appear to believe outlandish theories related to a “stolen” 2020 election. What this tells me is that ignorance of history and nationalistic fervor are not exclusive to any one country.”…


Those Home Covid Tests Are Tricky To Understand

at least to me. Much better to watch a video demonstration.

IMHO American 'Journalists' Are Behaving Like Jackasses This Morning

Of course Putin must go. Any fool can see that or should we wait until he has killed as many people as Stalin. Not to mention the pain and suffering he has inflicted on countless numbers. The Russian journalists I saw on CNN this morning think so yet ours have their hair on fire. There is such a negative push against our president. This Week opened by asking the Ukrainian minister what we were doing wrong. FRankly, after a sampling of all the the biggies I just feel like smacking them. Petreaus was the smartest of them all and I bet even he was not telling all he thinks because while the statement is being described as a JOe gaffe, I think it was an absolutely directed message. And don't forget how hard tried to get rid of Joe.
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