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Member since: Wed Jul 14, 2004, 02:27 PM
Number of posts: 20,234

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Just a note about some of the delicate flowers here supporting a certain candidate.

When anyone points Out the weaknesses of their candidate they call it "hate".
When anyone says there are psychopaths supporting that candidate they shout "Hate speech calling ALL supporters psychopaths".
When anyone points out that they can not win without the LEFT. They shout "Purist" and "Conspiracy theorist".

To those psychotic delicate flowers I suggest you take a reading comprehension course and QUIT PROJECTING.

I believe the clearest explanation for the Clinton campaign's actions in NV and the ratfucking of

The left is:
They have decided that they can not win.
They are acknowledging that they will have to STEAL it.
Their MO is going to be BLATANT and unapologetic.
Watch as more votes disappear or are switched before your eyes.

They will do it right before your eyes and act like you are the problem.

We have contributed phone banked caucused and canvased for Bernie. What else can we do? We can

Support other progressives in the race.
When Bernie is elected he and we must have the Congress we need to support the changes required.

We must organize now to keep the revolution Berning brighter and brighter and make permanent real changes in the
American political scene.

That is why I want to introduce you to KIM WEAVER

http://www.weaverforcongress.com/ [link:http://www.weaverforcongress.com/|

She has spent her life working to help the needy and make people's lives better.

She is running against Steve King one of the most vile of the GOP's evil racist hardliners.

Can you click on her link, check her out and kick in $20/mo to help rid us if KING and help a real PROGRESSIVE

I did and hope you do as well.
Thanks in advance.

What we need to do is look forward. I am on the county platform committee. What should the platform


Where as the rest of the civilized world provides free collage education for everyone.
We realize we are harming our selves with the punitive way we force our students to finance their educations.

We are dedicate to the following positions:
1) The interest rate on all existing student loan debt is reduced to ZERO percent.
2) Every future student shall be able to attend public institutions of learning tuition free.
2.a) The expense shall be paid by a .025% financial transaction tax on all stock bond and derivative transaction.


Where as we are the only country in the civilized world that forces our companies and working people to pay for a health insurance industry as well as their health care. Realizing that system of finance results in the highest cost, least efficient health care that adversely impacts our competition on the world market.

We are dedicated to the lower the eligibility age for MEDICARE to zero years old and make all citizens eligible at birth.


Where as the Social Security system has done an admirable job in lifting out senior population out of poverty; it has been allowed to atrophy and its' benefits have not increased to match senior expenses. This has been exasperated by the fact wages have been stagnant for the last 35 years.

We are dedicated to the position that we need to:
1) Eliminate the cap on income required to pay FICA tax on all income over $250,000/ year.
2) Increase the benefit amount to be at least 150% of the poverty rate.


Where as we realize the toxic effect fund raising has had on politics.

We are dedicated to establish PUBLIC FUNDING OF FEDERAL elections by the next federal election cycle.

Thoughts? ADDITIONS?

Thanks again to whoever gave me another heart. DU deserves it.

Tell me three things Hillary will do as president to improve my life as a PERSON that Bernie has not

Proposed and I will caucus for her in IA.

1) The proposal has to help Humans not corporations.
2) The proposal has to be original as in not a lite version of someone else's proposal.
3) There has to be DOCUMENTATION i.e. a link to her proposal.

That is it. No polls no attacks just concrete ways HRC will improve my life if elected.

The BLM MOVEMENT is not the problem, A few agitators are.

I have a Black Lives Matter sign in my yard.
Those women throwing their temper tantrum in Seattle don't speak for me.
The problem is that we are allowing the discussion to proceed as if they did.

The whole thing is the swift boating of Bernie Sanders.

Just as the Swift Boat Liars managed to turn Kerry's honorable service into a liability
The faux few "protestors" want to negate lifetimes work by Bernie.

Before the majority of POC allow themselves to be deluded into opposing Bernie's campaign
they need examine the records of the candidate they would support instead.

We Bernie supporters need to refrain from being tricked into attacking BLM.
WE don't want to negate Bernie's lifetimes work either.

The whole damned MEME just smells like a Rovian shit storm.

It helps nothing.

Sign this pettition calling for more Debates. Feel the bern


Call for a special session to restore school funding

I just signed the petition "Members of the Iowa Legislature: Call for a special session to restore school funding" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 7,500 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Please cut and paste I can't get the link to work.




Who else is going to Ames IA to see Bernie Saturday? We should have a meet up.

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