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Gender: Male
Hometown: Illinois
Current location: Oregon
Member since: Fri Jul 23, 2004, 09:38 AM
Number of posts: 12,752

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James Lipton nailed it on Romney, and got me thinking

James Lipton from Inside the Actors Studio was on MSNBC, discussing the election and said that the choice is whether we want a President, or a "Boss". Romney is a boss.

I think Romney is a classic CEO. Everythingn is a cost/benefit analysis. So when you work all your life, but now go on Social Security, you move from the benefit column to a cost, and are no longer necessary and should be cut. That's why the right hates pensions of any kind. If you are in the Army, you are a benefit, but get wounded and now you slide to the other side. Sorry, we have to let you go! Why should we take care of the sick, what benefit do they provide?

Romney sees everything in this light, and it is the source of his 47% comments. Life is a big spreadsheet to him.

Personally, I want a President.

My take on the "Binders of Women" comment by Mitt

I believe this is a throwback to his grandfather's polygamous culture. The "Prophet" would keep a book, or binder if you will, with pictures of eligible females from which his chosen male followers could make their selection to get additional wives.

At least I understand this went on (and still goes on) in polygamous groups.

I think Mitt slipped up big-time.

Let's get one thing straight:

Mitt Romney will NEVER release any additional tax returns. He'd rather lose, and he wants desperately to be President. I don't know what is in there, and won't speculate here, but it must be something terrible.

The main point though is that if he wins, it will set the new standard for disclosure of tax information by candidates. Never again will we, the people, get more than a token release of tax information. This standard will trickle down throught the political system. We will have lost yet another check on our wannabe leaders.

So if you, or your spouse, or Uncle Johnny or Aunt Tilly vote for Romney, you will be voting for this new standard. I hope you will mention this to any fence sitters still out there.
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