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Gender: Male
Hometown: Illinois
Current location: Oregon
Member since: Fri Jul 23, 2004, 09:38 AM
Number of posts: 12,895

Journal Archives

Great quote from a "founding father"

"Nothing in this world doth more resemble heavenly happiness, than for men to live as one, being of one heart, and one soul; neither any thing more resembles hellish horror, then for every man to shift for himself" Deacon Robert Cushman, 1621 at Plymouth, Massachusetts Colony

Eat that, Teabagging Libertarians.

My 2012 Nightmare

I know Rmoney is a stiff, socially awkward, flip-flopping dufus hated by his own party, but, my great fear for 2012 is this:

Rmoney will have money. Scads and tons and endless brazillions of it. And he will have an Army, literally, of Mormon workers on the ground all over the ground maybe a million or more, on a mission to elect the first Mormon President, fulfilling a Mormon prophecy. "Listen and obey" as the goodwife Ann Romney said. And they will.

Look what they were able to do in California with Prop 8. This is fulfilling a prophecy, we're talking about here. Complete validation for a paranoid religion.

Please, tell me my fears are groundless.
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