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Gender: Male
Hometown: Illinois
Current location: Oregon
Member since: Fri Jul 23, 2004, 09:38 AM
Number of posts: 12,754

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A Visit From My Libertarian Brother-in-Law

I know everybody has one of these in their family, but I have to rant.

So my wifeís sister and her husband, my dear brother-in-law, came to visit us this week. Now thereís a mixed blessing.

Rob is a one of those guys who always voted Republican, and now considers himself to be a libertarian. He's been slowly going off into the deep end of the pool over the last few years. Hereís a guy who probably hasnít paid Federal income tax (he lives in a no income tax state, of course) in at least thirty years, and yet bitches incessantly about taxation. He pays property tax, and when he has to, sales tax. Period. If he could figure out how to get out of those, he would. Taxes are for suckers, according to Rob.

I generally tune him out, or try to. I donít watch MSNBC, let alone Current TV, when heís around. I basically de-news the house, so I wonít have to listen to his comments/rants.

This time I actually tried to figure out what he was thinking and tried to listen to what he was trying to say. It boils down to this:

He wants no government. Not limited government, NO government. He claims we donít need it. We could police ourselves, put out our own fires, teach our own kids, and generally get by just fine, thank you, without any form of government at all. According to Rob, all governments, everywhere, throughout history were corrupt, thieving and unnecessary.

He says he just wants to be left alone. He completely and utterly rejects the Social Contract. He just simply doesn't give a crap about anyone or anything but himself. He is the epitomy of "I've got mine".

This is a guy who is so angry at everyone and everything, it comes down to that he entirely rejects society, and thinks that this ďideaĒ would work out just fine.

Oh, his kids went to public school, and were eligible for two years free tuition at college. He drives on public roads. The cops and firemen protect his business and equipment and his home, but he doesnít want to pay for any of this. When wildfires threatened his house earlier this year, and the BLM and Forest Service put the fires out, he didnít pay a dime. Not one dime. His drinking water is clean, and he breaths clean air, because the guy who owns the land behind his house cannot open a smelter, because the EPA wonít let him Rob didnít pay for that, either. In fact, he wants the EPA (and every other state and Federal agency) to go away.

Somehow, and he never says just how, he could take care of everything quite well on his own, if "they" would just leave him alone.

So when you get to the bottom of Rob, the real nitty-gritty core, what youíve got is an angry, greedy, white guy who has ideas so cynical, irrational, impractical and juvenile as to defy imagination.

Now that I fully understand what heís getting at, I will be able to tune him out just fine.

What I see as Rmoney's strategy

1) Never, ever release the tax returns

He can't do it before the convention, because they are so bad, he might not get the nomination. However, once the convention is done and the rethugs are stuck with him, he doesn't have to release them because his base will still vote for him whether he releases the returns or not. I suspect his internal polling is showing that this issue is not affecting his base one iota. They hate Obama so much, they'd vote for Mitt (once nominated) even if he had already been convicted of tax evasion, and had accounts in Iran.

2) Spend, Suppress, Spend, Steal, Spend, Spend, Spend

All they have to do is keep this think close in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida. The combination of suppression of of thousands of votes, and stealing elections where voting machines, supportive county clerks and Rethug Secretaries of State are in place, will ensure these races remain close. Then spend like a drunken sailor on his last leave to put him over the top. Rmoney thinks the Independents pay no attention until his ad bombs come out in the fall, and then are stupid enough to buy it all.

3) Throw in an Army of Mormons walking neighborhoods all over the country for good measure.

It might be just enough to overcome his own stupidity, nastiness, and greed.

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