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NYC Liberal

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Gender: Male
Hometown: New York
Home country: United States
Member since: Sun Aug 1, 2004, 01:28 PM
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HRC Group: GODDAMN! Anne Rice is OVER Bernie!

She endorsed Bernie last fall.

And here is her post on Facebook tonight: https://www.facebook.com/annericefanpage/posts/10154192945345452

Anne here: congratulations to Hillary on winning Connecticut, as well as Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. Time to unite the party behind Hillary. And boy, judging from some of the bitter, sour, divisive and politically suicidal comments by some Bernie supporters here, I hope Bernie does some straight talking to his people. And the sooner the better. Bernie has been a great champion for his causes. He has made history. So let's not see the Democrats divided in the general because of Bernie. That would be a poor legacy for an admirable man who deserves a chance to continue his crusade under a Hillary Clinton Democratic Presidency.

and here are a few choice comments she made in response to other comments on her post...

Anne Rice maybe he should have run as an independent in the first place. Looks like he's used the Democratic Party for his purposes. I'm frankly deeply disgusted with his followers, and their nastiness. I wish I'd never given the guy a nickel, or a dime, or a penny, or a quarter. What a sorry mess.

Anne Rice I'm very sorry I ever contributed a nickel to Bernie's campaign. I had no idea his followers would become obstructionist and go to the depths they have with the politics of personal destruction. They're worse than Republicans.

Anne Rice I disagree. Bernie ran as a Democrat when it suited him. Now it's time for him to man up as a Democrat and support the party he has used throughout his campaign. It's time for him to heal the wounds that he has inflicted. It's time for him to talk some sense into his followers.

Anne Rice Is he the better candidate? Is there the slightest indication anywhere in his record that he would an effective president? I admire the man and his crusade, but look at what is happening. His legacy is going to be more polarization, more obstruction and more politics of personal destruction. Just look at the comments by his followers on this page alone.

Anne Rice Your candidate used the Democratic party for his own purposes, didn't he? He ran as a Democrat when it suited him. And so now what? He ends up being a force for polarization, for more obstruction, for more of the cheap politics of personal destruction? What a sorry story. What an ugly shabby end to a history making campaign that could mean so much more.

Anne Rice Bernie has played the politics of personal destruction as skillfully as the Republicans, it seems. He rose in on a white horse claiming purity and high ideals and now his followers want to hand the White House to Trump. Was a sad end to a history making crusade. I'm sorry I ever donated a penny to the guy.

Anne Rice Why? Why would anyone care about her speeches? I don't care. What I care about are her principles and how they play out in her votes, in what she achieves. Hillary Clinton didn't invent Wall Street. She didn't invent the Party System. She didn't invent rich donors. She is a woman of high principles and consistent dedication to public service. Bernie's followers are treating her as if she invented the two party system! It is just more of the Republican vilification with even more intensity.
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