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Hometown: New York
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Member since: Sun Aug 1, 2004, 01:28 PM
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Mark Cuban slams Donald Trump: Not paying taxes is greedy, not ‘smart’

Mark Cuban slams Donald Trump: Not paying taxes is greedy, not ‘smart’

Cuban said he tells his tax lawyers to “take advantage” where they can, but added, “I’m not against paying taxes.”

The outspoken reality show star and sports owner gave two examples of how he’s made moves that saw him pay more than whatever bare minimum the law might require. First, he said he decided against seeking a bidding war for tax rebates when deciding where to build the new Mavs practice facility. Instead of moving the facility to a suburb, he settled on a 13-acre plot of land in Dallas’s Design District.

Cuban also said he voluntarily “wrote a million-dollar check” to the city to help Dallas police combat discrimination against the LGBT community in the area. He said he had been moved by the shootings at a gay nightclub in Orlando to take action.

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” Cuban concluded. “At some point you have to recognize that you have to give back.”

Full article

NY Post: Trump was reduced to a sputtering mess

This is from a Trump supporter. Read the whole thing at the link!

By the time the last 15 minutes rolled around, he was reduced to yammering about Rosie O’Donnell being mean to him and Hillary running mean commercials about him and praising himself because there are some really terrible things he could have said about Hillary but hasn’t. By this point, even his smart closing zinger — “she has experience but it’s bad experience” — was buried inside a weird word salad that reduced its effectiveness to almost nil.

His supporters should be furious with him, and so should the public in general. By performing this incompetently, by refusing to prepare properly for this exchange, by not learning enough to put meat on the bones of his populist case against Clinton, he displayed nothing but contempt for the people who have brought him this far — and for the American people who are going to make this momentous decision on Nov. 8.



Boom! Brought up the housing discrimination and flat out called him a racist to his face.

Hillary is handling Trump masterfully

She's kept quiet and let him rant, making him look like a lunatic rather than have it be a squabble.

She answered the email question and then successfully turned it right back to him and his tax returns -- he spent the next 10 minutes on the defensive and forgot all about the emails.

She is calm and confident and handing him the rope that he's now hanging himself with.

Bravo Hillary!
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