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Member since: Sun Aug 1, 2004, 02:35 PM
Number of posts: 21,480

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Starting tomorrow...

the storm door opens!!!!!!
Three powerful storms to hit us-- it's about time. I was thinking it was going to be another dry year.

It's officially Inauguration Day!!!!

Thatís all for now!!!!

Senator Feinstein wants Cruz & Hawley to remain in Congress


Provided by Foolacious (post #50, above)

I'm always... I'm always curious what exactly conservatives mean when they say they love America.

Because you hate most of the people who live here, you hate the civil liberties afforded by the Constitution, you hate the separation of Church and State.

You might claim to love its economy, but you hate all the states that make up the largest parts of it.

You hate the government, you people who are anti-government, you hate the rich because you think they're part of a conspiracy to fuck your kids, you hate the poor because you think they're lazy.

You hate this country's natural beauty because it gets in the way of industry, you hate industry because it keeps giving jobs away to immigrants, you hate immigrants for taking things you feel entitled to, you hate liberals because you feel like they're too entitled.

You hate government interference for getting in the way of Big Business, you hate Big Business for being too globalized, you hate globalism for taking jobs away from American workers, you hate American workers for unionizing and demanding better jobs.

When you say you love America, what aspect of America are you actually talking about?

THIS!!! A must-read


Have a quick question about Jake Tapper

What's his story? He tweets often but I can't tell who his sympathy lies with.


dump plans to leave DC inauguration day morning


Chris Stanton Georgia (part of insurrection) has committed suicide

>>> Corrected name

Mother and son find out he passed his bar exam


URGENT-- just in case this isn't known-- another attack planned??

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