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Member since: Sun Aug 1, 2004, 02:35 PM
Number of posts: 21,477

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A favorite song/video of mine-- "Africa" by toto

All the Dems have to do in order to win

...is tell the truth and be themselves. Which they accomplished admirably at the DNC.

He's a charlatan, a buffoon, an imbecile, and thoroughly despicable

So what's to like?

As a conservative journalist wrote on American Thinker:

Donald Trump exemplifies every character trait that parents teach their children not to have. He is a braggart, bully, and liar; he is condescending, nasty, judgmental, mean-spirited, divisive, thoughtless, impulsive, selfish, hubristic, unprincipled, misogynistic, and simply put, a jackass. He lacks compassion, empathy, class, social graces, humility, and kindness.


Put ever so well

Stonehenge Begins to Yield Its Secrets

AMESBURY, England About 6,300 years ago, a tree here toppled over.

For the ancients in this part of southern England, it created a prime real estate opportunity next to a spring and near attractive hunting grounds.

According to David Jacques, an archaeologist at the University of Buckingham, mud was pressed into the pulled-up roots, turning them into a wall. Nearby, a post was inserted into a hole, and that may have held up a roof of reeds or animal skin.

It was, he said, a house, one of the earliest in England.

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