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Member since: Sun Aug 1, 2004, 02:35 PM
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Edvard Munch, most known for his masterpiece "The Scream," also produced beauty of great delicacy

This is "The Sun"

"We Must Apologize to the Democratic Party" (from redstate.com)


Ever since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the Republican Party has campaigned on, championed, raised money over the cause of repealing it. “You need to give us the House of Representatives,” they told us, “and we will fix this mess.” And so, in 2010, we gave them the House.

And they said they’d do it, and they tried, and then they told us “You need to give us the Senate, too, then we can really fix it.” So, we did give them the Senate in 2014.

And they passed repeal after repeal, which was promptly vetoed with no possibility of override. “You need to give us the White House,” they said. “That’ll make it a reality.” And, in 2016, the United States gave Donald Trump the White House, and kept the Republicans in power in Congress.

The whole time leading up to this point, however, the Democrats mocked and derided the Republicans. “You have no plan to replace it, to reform the system, to fix the mess” they cried. And, we ignored them, because we had ideas, you see, and we had people pushing those ideas.

So, months after Donald Trump takes office, the Republican leadership in the House presents a bill to the American public, and the response was nothing short of disastrous. You see, the Democrats were right all along. We, very clearly, had no plan.

Read it all:


LA Times, New York Magazine on why dummkopf's cuts won't be approved

I hope they're even partially right



Dictionary.com is always on-target with their Word of the Day feature. Here's today's:


Wise and sensible words by a Canadian


This is rather interesting...


This will give you a feel for how huge the Oroville Dam's damaged spillway was-- yikes

Fascinating read-- Red America vs. Blue America: State Maps lllustrate the Difference

Just stumbled upon this-- lots of interesting data

As Justice Brandeis said, the individual states are laboratories of democratic policy. Instead of doing everything at the federal level and trying to pass standardized policies over diverse populations from different states, our system of government allows states wide latitude to implement their own ideas. Sometimes, these ideas travel to other states or the federal legislature (ex. Massachusetts’s RomneyCare was reborn as the federal ObamaCare) and sometimes they die because they are ineffective.

In this article, I will present many maps, detailing widespread trends including everything from education and health to income equality and happiness. These maps will draw a clear and distinct pattern, where states with conservative leanings tend to have poorer societal outcomes and states with more progressive leanings tend to have better policy outcomes.

…but first, we need to identify conservative and progressive leaning areas.

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