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Member since: Sun Aug 1, 2004, 02:35 PM
Number of posts: 21,476

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Can't get italics to work on my sig line

I've tried brackets with no luck

I know it's possible but I erased my previous sig line before I created a new one so I really don't know
how I got it to work last time.

Thank you!!

Cool cops in elevator

This definitely started my weekend out with a grin.

Cats with unusually crazy markings...

Mom cat hugging her kitten who is having nightmare



So far, mine have unplugged my computer, pulled books from bookcases, and attacked my long hair whenever I wear it up.

They’re little dervishes, for sure. 🥰

Interesting quiz about what sort of dialect YOU speak


Mine is right on: northern California

This is even more powerful than when it was released



Just adopted two 12-week old kittens!

I haven't had kittens for years (I always adopt adult cats) so this is quite an adventure! Do they ever slow down? I am exhausted trying to keep up with them but very glad I found and adopted them. Two little (spayed) girls from same litter. Hyperactive!!

My question is, how long (as in weeks, months) do they act like raving-lunatic-speed-freaks?? Don't get me wrong-- I love them but I'm just wondering when I can relax a bit more where they're concerned.

Any advice or information anyone wants to share is welcome.

I guess I could have googled my question but I wanted to share a photo of them FINALLY settling down for their late afternoon nap. Cute, eh?? That's me giving the thumbs-up because at long last they closed their eyes. Whew!!

Is anyone else perturbed by all the wind?

At least, in SF Bay Area we’ve had an inordinate amount. This is not normal. It used to be every now and then we’d have windy days, but nothing like this! 💨

Just seen on Twitter

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