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longship's Journal
longship's Journal
May 7, 2013

Eugenie Scott announces retirement from NCSE.

NCSE is the National Center for Science Education, working to keep evolution and climate science in public school science education.

As reported on the NCSE Web site:

NCSE's Scott to retire

NCSE's executive director Eugenie C. Scott announced on May 6, 2013, that she was planning to retire by the end of the year, after more than twenty-six years at NCSE's helm. "It's a good time to retire, with our new climate change initiative off to a strong start and with the staff energized and excited by the new challenges ahead," she commented. "The person who replaces me will find a strong staff, a strong set of programs, and a strong board of directors."
<more at link>

Of course, PZ Myers had to chime in on this: Say it isn't so, Genie
Eugenie Scott is planning to retire from the NCSE. This is not possible. There is no one fit to replace her!
Although…perhaps I should apply for the job. I looked at the qualifications, and it was like looking in a mirror, man — especially that last bit about “the ability to work effectively and diplomatically with diverse communities and allies”. It sounds just like me, right, gang? I should go for it.
<a bit more at link, plus some more links>

One of the grand victories under her steady hand was the victory in federal court in Kitzmiller v. Dover which pretty much killed Intelligent Design in public school science classrooms and which the NCSE was an integral part.

You can hear all about it on the Skeptics Guide to the Universe (SGU) podcast Episode 42. It's one the best SGU podcasts from their early days (2006). Dr. Scott is a great interview here.

This is bad news for Science education in the US. Eugenie Scott has been an absolutely tireless warrior to strengthen science education. She's directed the NCSE for 26 years and she will be dearly missed when she goes at the end of the year.

I hope the NCSE board does as good a job finding Eugenie Scott's replacement as they did 26 years ago. In other words, Dr. Scott has big shoes to fill.
May 5, 2013

TYT: Cenk brings it on: 5 year olds with guns.

I have been a big fan of The Young Turks for some time. Cenk Uygur is one of the good guys and has put together a damned good media empire.

Here he talks about the tragic killing of a two year old by her five year old rifle-owning brother.

This is new media at its best. Highly recommended!

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