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Women Forced Into WWII Brothels Served Necessary Role, Osaka Mayor Says

TOKYO — The mayor of one of Japan’s largest cities, who is seen by some as a possible future prime minister, drew an outcry on Monday after he said women forced into wartime brothels for the Japanese Army during World War II had served a necessary role in providing relief for war-crazed soldiers.
Toru Hashimoto, the populist mayor of Osaka, also said American soldiers stationed in Okinawa should make more use of the island’s adult entertainment industry, which he said would reduce the incidence of sexual crimes against local women.

Lawmakers and human rights groups swiftly condemned the remarks. So did South Korea, whose citizens made up the bulk of the so-called comfort women who served Japanese soldiers in military brothels.

South Korea’s Yonhap News quoted a senior government official there as saying Mr. Hashimoto’s comments exposed “a serious lack of historical understanding and a lack of respect for human rights.”

The conduct of the Japanese military in Asia before and during World War II remains a highly charged topic between Japan’s neighbors, who say Tokyo has not properly atoned for its history of wartime atrocities, and those, like Mr. Hashimoto, who feel that Japan has been unfairly demonized.

*sigh* how about ending the need for 'war crazed' soldiers, like no war? How about treating men like human beings with sexual self control? How about treating women like human beings, not commodities?

How about NOT implying men who aren't satisfied with self gratification and fantasy will go out and rape if they can't have 'the real thing'?

Elaine Morgan and the Aquatic Ape

(I read this book when it came out; I must have been 12 or 13)

I first learned of Elaine Morgan and the aquatic ape theory from a botanist. He had seen a television special on the theory and briefly followed up with a search of the scientific literature, but found very little. He asked me (as I was trained in zoology before becoming a historian of science) whether or not the idea of a watery human past had any merit. I was sceptical. That was the spring of 2007. For several years, I didn't think seriously about aquatic apes. Then, when researching theories of human evolution and male aggression in the 1960s, Morgan's name popped up, albeit in a rather different context.

Morgan's Descent of Woman, published in 1972, was one of the first publications calling attention to the rampant sexism of the so-called "savannah theory" common at the time, and thus continues to occupy a prominent place in the gender and science literature. You know the theory – where humans became human by learning to hunt. Our ancestors walked upright in order to carry weapons, spoke to facilitate cooperation over long distances, lost most of their body hair to help cool down during the hot days of the Pleistocene, and ultimately broke into family units where the women stayed at home gathering roots and protecting the young, while the strapping, competitive men brought back the protein necessary to sustain their new lifestyles. Good times.

Popular science writer Robert Ardrey memorably epitomised the genre with his bestselling volumes African Genesis and Territorial Imperative. Published around the same time, On Aggression, by future Nobel laureate Konrad Lorenz, and The Naked Ape, by fellow ethologist Desmond Morris, added fuel to the fire. All triangulated their theories of humanity from insights derived from animal behaviour and paleoanthropology. Morgan imagined a male reader of these volumes derived "no end of a kick out of thinking that all that power and passion and brutal virility is seething within him, just below the skin, only barely held in leash by the conscious control of his intellect".

Playfully appropriating her title from Charles Darwin's Descent of Man, she skewered these books as "Tarzanist" tales that failed to incorporate the perspective of women. Where, she wondered, were the stories that began, "When the first ancestor of the human race descended from the trees, she had not yet developed the mighty brain that was to distinguish her so sharply from all the other species … "? Against the background of these men, reviewers dubbed Descent of Woman "women's lib prehistory".


Feminist Graffiti From the 1970's (one image)


Tidal Wave Girls

So cool. Short video.


While Hillary Clinton makes cracks in the political glass ceiling and Lena Dunham challenges Hollywood's ideals about the female body, it's our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, best friends and colleagues - these are the women moving feminism forward today.

Tidal Wave Girls is a documentary short celebrating the educational and economic advancements women and girls have made in recent years thanks to everyday women. At home. In the classroom. On the playground.

To harness the power of generations. To grab our wetsuits, stand tall and make waves - until we reach the shore.


Free Republic on AA and "embracing the homosexual lifestyle"

I don't know if any AA's have seen this, remember this *is* Freerepublic, and thus crazy talk. My husband, who isn't part of DU, is puzzling over this now. He sobered up at 24 years of age and has 31 years. He's kinda pissed at this bullshit, so I had to explain freepers to him. Yuk.

Here at DU, I've seen arguments on whether AA is a religious organization, (if it was, this agnostic wouldn't have 23 years sober, but-----whatever)

NOTHING but nothing has ever topped the weird factor of the Freepers:

Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization with Christian roots and like some churches has embraced the homosexual lifestye (although some modern AA's deny it). This video gives a little personal insight into how it was done. One of the links discussed in the video is "My name is Padric a Alcoholic (Gay).It is in the AA pamphlet entitiled: 'Are you different' Here is a link to the AA approved pamphlet and a short excerpt:
Are you different?

"In AA today, I know sober leather fans, transvestites, and members of every other sexual group there is. But the only important thing here is that we are all human beings, all alcoholics, and all in AA together"

1 posted on May 11, 2013, 4:39:17 AM PDT by tedw
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To: tedw
Reading that AA embraces homosexuality is more than ‘disturbing’, rather it displays a severe character flaw.

On the other hand, perhaps the organization is recognizing that homosexuality, like alcohol, is an addiction.

Wonder if the embracement would include those inclined to pedophilia?

2 posted on May 11, 2013, 4:44:18 AM PDT by IbJensen (Liberals are like Slinkies, good for nothing, but you smile as you push them down the stairs.)
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Update: my husband found words; "they're fucking nuts"

I feel a little bad exposing him to freeperland

Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers

Content Note for rape and kidnapping, and general rape culture.

They look just like everybody else.

They look just like everybody else.

It’s not an easy thing to keep in your head. Disney movies have taught us that villains look like villains.* But in real life, they look like everybody else.

Once they get caught, and we see a mugshot and they look like they were up all night drinking and then groped a stranger in a parking lot and were driven off by force, it’s easy to see them for what they are. But in the office, before Jeff Krusinski got arrested, he looked like a normal person. Someone gave him the job of heading up sexual assault prevention for the Air Force. In hindsight, it seems like a cruel joke, or a deliberate effort to put the fox in charge of the henhouse. Rather like putting a pedophile in charge of a program for troubled children. And given the massive issues the US armed forces have with sexual assault, it’s not absurd to think there are plenty of people who are more or less outright pro-rape. But just like the proportion of the population that are actually rapists is limited, the proportion of the population that can think both “that guy’s a rapist” and “I’m okay with that” is limited. I don’t have anything quantitative to point to for the size of that population, but experience teaches me that when people are determined to make excuses for a rapist, they first deny he’s** a rapist. Even the rapists don’t say they’re rapists.

Men’s power advocates (the guys who call themselves “men’s rights activists”, which is not a little like calling one’s self a “white rights activist”) get all wound about the term “rape culture,” making really facile arguments like we can’t have a rape culture if rape is a crime. But if you have a crime that perpetrators routinely get away with, where people defend even those duly convicted, then isn’t it a crime the culture offers a lot of support to? I think we’d all agree that we have a culture of corruption in politics, even though every once in a while one of the scoundrels gets hauled off in handcuffs. It’s illegal, but it’s common, it’s both decried and laughed at and to way too large an extent tolerated. Rape culture is like corruption culture: we all know it happens, it’s a crime, it’s sometimes prosecuted; but efforts to stop it are ineffective and lots of people who know about it find ways to make believe it isn’t what it i,s or convince themselves that the people who do it are justified; especially when it’s their friend.

I’m not saying that outright, self-serving human venality isn’t a significant reason that people look the other way. If we look at Sandusky, certainly for some people at some point there’s a more or less conscious thought process: I know what he is, I know what he does, but I’m putting the interest of the program and my self-interest first. If we look at Polanski, some people are simply calculating that supporting him is important in Hollywood and calling him what he is just isn’t in their self-interest. Even someone whose primary public reputation is as a feminist will call a rape a “model sexual negotiation” when necessary to appeal to a target market.


Police arrest two men in beating of gay men in New York City

NEW YORK — Two men were arrested in connection with the beating of two gay men in Manhattan early Friday and police are investigating whether there is a link to an earlier anti-gay attack in the same area on Sunday.

Friday’s attack happened at 5 a.m. after two gay men tried to enter an after-hours billiard club and were denied entry, said Steve Coleman, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
The two were approached by a group of about five men who shouted anti-gay slurs and beat them, Coleman said.

He said the gay men tried to flee but the attackers followed them to the entrance to the 33rd Street PATH station, where Port Authority officers saw the assault and broke it up.

Several of the attackers fled but officers arrested two suspects.

Asllan Berisha and Brian Ramirez, both 21, were arrested on charges of felony assault as a hate crime. No information on attorneys for the suspects was immediately available.

Coleman said both victims suffered severe facial injuries and were treated at Bellevue Hospital, where one victim underwent eye surgery. Their names were not released.


Queer and Trans Subjects in Iranian Cinema: Between Representation, Agency and

Orientalist Fantasies

(This is a long, but really good article)

Queering Iranian Cinema

The concept of a queer Iranian cinema may sound contradictory or impossible, but that is exactly how one would describe Facing Mirrors (2011), the first movie to feature a female-to-male transgender main character that has been written, produced, and screened in Iran. Directed by Negar Azarbayjani and produced by Fereshteh Taerpour (two cisgender female filmmakers), Facing Mirrors features the story of the unlikely friendship between the upper-class Adineh (“Eddy”), a pre-op transman in Tehran struggling to escape from the grips of his transphobic father, and Rana, a modest, devout, working class woman who ferries passengers in order to pay her imprisoned husband’s debts and secure his release.

This film has won numerous awards and nominations in over 64 different LGBTQ and international film festivals around the world – most notably the Special Jury’s Crystal Simorgh Award at Iran’s 29th Fajr International Film Festival and the Outstanding First Feature Award at San Francisco’s 36th Frameline Film Festival. It has also received rave reviews from Iranian film critics and audiences around the country.

Although the transgender identity is legally accepted in Iran, it is not often visible in popular culture. The legal acceptance began with a fatwa issued by Imam Khomeini in 1978, which laid the groundwork for the current legal regime dealing with trans issues. Today, not only does the government recognize transpeople, but it also financially supports those who cannot fully afford hormones and sex reassignment surgeries through charity grants, and more recently, by mandating that insurance companies cover the full cost of the operation.

The surprising aspect of this story, therefore, is not the positive response from both critics and ordinary moviegoers in Iran, but rather a lack of coverage by mainstream Western press of such an internationally successful movie. It would seem that a movie about transpeople in Iran would be an instant headline-grabber, especially when one considers the plethora of news reports, op-eds, and airtime devoted to criticizing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s horrid record of human rights violations, particularly when it comes to the rights of women, minorities, and lgbtq folks. Indeed, another recent movie, Circumstance (2011), written and directed by Iranian-American female filmmaker, Maryam Keshvarz, which chronicles the love story of two female Iranian teenagers – Atefeh and Shireen – trapped between a repressive government and an unaccepting society, was immediately picked up by mainstream media. It generated multiple articles, reviews, and critiques, including an interview on AfterEllen.com, a popular US-based lesbian pop culture website.


Republicans Wish Women Happy Mother’s Day While Treating Them Like Second Class Citizens

Today millions of Americans will honor their mothers for the sacrifice, compassion and care they gave in rearing their children, and as a holiday it was set aside to acknowledge not only mothers and motherhood, but maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. Whether Republicans care for and respect their own mothers is questionable, but it is not difficult to imagine they have contempt for all mothers in America after they spent the past two years waging war on women, their equal rights, and their reproductive health. The disregard conservatives typically have for women was on display this past week courtesy of the National Rifle Association, and although it may not represent the sentiments of all Republicans, it certainly is a microcosm of conservative’s attitudes toward women; including mothers, sisters, wives, and potential mothers.

Last weekend in Texas, the National Rifle Association held their annual convention in Houston, and included among vendors selling killing paraphernalia was a company selling targets representing an ex-girlfriend that bleeds when it is shot. The more the target is hit, the more it bleeds and it is a reminder that violence against women is well-received and accepted as a normal way for men to keep women in their place. It is irrelevant the company labeled the target a “former girlfriend,” because girlfriends, like all women, can be mothers or potential mothers, and although Republicans have not yet sanctioned using firearms against women, they have taken extraordinary steps to attack mothers and potential mothers with hundreds of bills targeting women.

One of the first items on the agenda when Republicans took control of the House in 2011 was delineating rape as legitimate, requested, and/or warranted, and when they refused to make allowances for incest or the health of the mother as a condition for abortion services, they made it clear mothers are insignificant in comparison to a life-threatening pregnancy. In several state legislatures, Republicans either attempted to pass, or passed, legislation giving full 14th amendment protections and citizenship to a single-celled organism (zygote), and subjugated the mother to second-class status unworthy of equal rights Republicans bestowed on a fertilized egg. It is the ultimate expression of hatred toward mothers that some Republicans will pretend to honor on Mother’s Day.

When the Violence Against Women Act was due to be reauthorized last year, Republicans balked at passing the normally bi-partisan legislation because they believed Native American and gay mothers were not worthy of protection against male predators who often use firearms against women and were likely who the “former girlfriend” targets that bleed when shot were manufactured for. The same Republicans blocked passage of equal pay for women, most of whom are mothers, for no other reason than conservatives typically regard women as being of less worth than a man, and it is particularly harsh as more mothers are breadwinners in the family.


Life-Sized Barbie Dreamhouse Comes With 'Occupy Dreamhouse' Protest

Developers are in the process building a 26,900 square foot, interactive, mostly completely pink Barbie Dreamhouse For Humans in Berlin. If you were the Barbie type, this is probably your childhood dream come true. If you were the anti-Barbie type, then fear not! Because the Dreamhouse gives life to all dreams. Your anarcho-feminist childhood fantasy of fucking shit up at Barbie's mansion has also been given life: German feminists are planning an "Occupy Barbie Dreamhouse" protest at the grand opening of the shrine to traditional girlhood, on May 16.

Everyone knows that "virtual cupcakes" are the best thing to "eat" before setting foot on a Barbie Fashion Runway. Classic Barbie™, promoting healthy body image in young women.

“For 22 euros ($29), you can have two careers — model or pop star! What kind of image is that presenting to young women?” wonders Michael Koschitzki, the proudly feminist male leader of the Dreamhouse opponents.

In response, a spokeswoman from Mattel Germany said, "Barbie has again become a tool for some to advance their own agenda."

And, certainly, the Occupy Barbie Dreamhouse organization has a far-reaching agenda. From their Facebook page:

More: http://jezebel.com/life-sized-barbie-dreamhouse-comes-with-occupy-dreamho-500152674
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